Sunday, December 6, 2015


Barnes and Noble and Smashwords has one of my ebooks available for free at the moment.

From the Pen of Bobby Nash, Book 1: Freelancer - The Traveler Sanction from Pro Se Productions
Cover art: Jeff Hayes

Get it free at Barnes and Noble or Smashwords.

For years, award winning author Bobby Nash has defined action and adventure with his own unique style of storytelling. Now Nash brings both his talent and imagination to his own digital short story creator’s imprint as a part of Pro Se Productions’ Pro Se Single Shot Signature line- From the Pen of Bobby Nash!

Nash’s Signature imprint debuts with Freelancer-The Traveler Sanction! When trouble rears its ugly head and you’ve no one left to turn to, call in a specialist. It’s time to call in The Freelancer. When the Secretary of Defense’s daughter is kidnapped, the Freelancer is called in to rescue her, but is there something more sinister afoot and will this mysterious heroine figure it out in time?

Freelancer-The Traveler Sanction, the first story From the Pen of Bobby Nash, as a part of the Pro Se Single Shot Signature line from Pro Se Productions.

Get it at Barnes and Noble or SmashwordsAlso available at Amazon, although not currently showing there for free unless you have the Kindle App.


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