I love to draw so I occasionally do sketches at conventions and events or if someone asks. Assembled here are some of the art I've done. I will be adding more to the entire list as I dig through my art files on the computer. I hope you enjoy.

In 2018, I have opened up space for commissions. Commissions are $20 + $4 shipping and handling. Commissions will be much like the ones pasted below. They are drawn on a thick 6 3/4" x 10 1/2" board and shipped flat.  I've since added $50 (+$8 s&h) 11" x 17" commissions as well. Contact me through email ( or social media to set up your own commissioned piece.

If you're interested in getting some box or envelope art of your own, there's only one way to do it. You can order any of my books direct from me through this site or MY STORE. I can accept Paypal or credit cards. I also have the Big Box O' Books promotion and I also do art commissions. Just let me know what interests you and I'll get you a price.

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Free Comic Book Day 2024



THE ZONE 2023 


Yes. It's a butt.


G.I. Joe's Duke reminds us that Joe's don't bend. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

A fun experiment. Slapped down the red first then drew over it. No pencil.

I did this art piece for the 2022 Chattanooga Comic Con charity auction. I hope it gets some bids.

Envelope art.

A Cylon Centurian - By Your Command!

The Kingpin of Crime

Dark Phoenix take one.

Dark Phoenix take two.

Dragon Con 2022.

Meet Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of USPS.

I'm putting some books in the mail tomorrow so that means it's time for another installment of #EnvelopeArt. Joes and Bats don't bend, y'know! #Snakeyes #GIJoe #YoJoe #Batman

Kickin' off 2022 with a holly, jolly piece of art.



These ghosts don't bend. #Beetlejuice #ThePhantom #Slimer and #Casper (which I rejected because Casper looks wonky).

This commission knows what lurks int he hearts of art collectors. #TheShadow

Let's roll, Kato! #EnvelopeArt

"It's envelope art time, Mistah J!"

First up, I took a shot at drawing Charles F. Millhouse's Captain Hawklin.

And what fun is drawing one air ace without another so my next envelope featured Lance Star: Sky Ranger, which seemed appropriate since the book inside was Lance Star and the Crown of Gengis Kai.

Finally, #Thor's Big Daddy, All-Father #Odin reminds us all that packages should never be bent.

#ScoobyDoo's #Daphne investigates the mystery of bending packages.

Sherlock Holmes eliminates not bending this package.

I signed my first copy of the Gentlemen Prefer Domino Lady anthology today and commemorated the occasion with a special sketch in the book. It's always fun writing and drawing #DominoLady.

I'll be adding this book to my store soon at

Mr. Spock reminds you that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of bent packages.

Captain America reminds us all that real heroes don't bend books.

Droids don't bend.

Al Bohl's KK The Sea Monkey.

Surfin' with the alien.

My first commission of 2021. It's also my first attempt at The #Mandalorian and #Grogu aka #BabyYoda. #StarWars. 11x17.

The first envelope art of 2021. #Marvel's #Nova


Holy Bat-Humor.

Do you know the old Klingon proverb: Revenge is an envelope best sent unbent?

Is there a doctor in the house?

Does whatever a Spider-Gwen can!

Amazing Fantasy 15 Cover recreation commission.


The 5" x 7" sketch cards have now been added to my store along with other commission opportunities. Check out these and all of the other excellent goodies at

A few sketch cards and the art on the envelope used to mail them.

I finished up a #SheHulk commission this week. Once I got it packed up, I did my usual doodle on the outside before getting it in the mail tomorrow.Want a commission of your very own? You can order a commission of your very own at my store

I couldn't send out a commission without a little envelope art, now could I? The Mighty #Thor reminds you not to bend or fold this package.

I also mailed off an autographed book from my on-line store so that meant another new installment of envelope art. #Nightveil reminds you not to bend or fold this package.

Want your own envelope art? All you have to do is purchase a book, Bobby's Big Box 'O Books promotion, or a commission and I will doodle on your package. Check out past art at in the Art/Sketches/Commissions tab above. Please visit my store HERE.


I'm getting another package ready to ship this week so it's time for another installment of Bobby's #EnvelopeArt#Marvel's #Nova knows not to bend the mail.

I'm getting a package ready to ship this week so it's time for another installment of Bobby's #EnvelopeArt. #Batgirl is here to remind you not to bend this package.

It's Commissioning Time! I just finished up this recreation of #FantasticFour #12 commission. I showed the finished product to the client and thankfully he liked it. Whew. I'm always nervous about, and recreating a Jack Kirby style is tough, but I like how it came out. The color helps a lot.

Sending out a package tomorrow so that means it is time for a new installment of #EnvelopeArt. With a #FantasticFour commission inside, who better than #DoctorDoom on the outside. 

This is my first attempt at #Starscream from the #Transformers.

It's also my first time drawing #TheShadow Who knows what evil lurks in this envelope?

Commission sketch I did featuring one of my favorite wall-crawlers, #SpiderWoman. I have attempted to draw Jessica Drew's alter ego a few times without success, but I rather like how this one turned out.

Sent out a package with a #SpiderWoman commission inside, I figured another wall-crawler on the outside seemed apropos ergo #Spiderman.

Putting a mail order package in the mail tomorrow so you know what that means. It's time one again for #envelopeart Here's G.I. Joe's Shipwreck and Polly and Easy Company's Sgt. Rock reminding you not to bend.

Little John envelope art from Disney's Robin Hood.

 Envelope art. Reed Richards.

Doctor Doom commission.

 Green Lantern envelope art.

Die Hard envelope art.

Lost in Space's Great Vegetable Mutiny sketch card.

Here is the first (of hopefully many) envelope art for 2020. #YogiBear warns against the dangers of bending your parcel.



Wallopin' Websnappers! Dropping a book to from my new online store in the mail. #Spidey #Spiderman

I did a commission recently featuring headshots of The Avengers for the client's sister. He wanted to give it to her for her birthday. Here's the birthday girl, Shounda, with the finished commission. I'm glad she liked it. August 2019

Oh, and Chewie was the envelope art.August 2019

I dropped off a book to a customer of my new online store so it's time for another installment of Bobby's Box Art. Want your own box art? It's easy. Just head over to The Official Bobby Nash Store and make a purchase. September 2019

I dropped a book in the mail ordered from my 

Captain America sketch completed at Dragon Con 2019. September 2019

I dropped a package in the mail with Benjamin J. Grimm, the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing as he reminds our friends at the USPS to not bend or else It's Clobberin' Time!

A happy customer.

Swamp Thing commission

Mysterio envelope art

Here's a commission I finished today. This is Lari from my story, Samaritan. This is the first time I've drawn her in this form (sorry if it's a bit of a spoiler). I've actually got a sequel to Samaritan plotted out in my head. Hopefully, I can get it written soon. May 2019.
Want to read

I mailed a package today so you know what that means... It's Bobby's Box Art time! Today's box art features one of my all time favorite characters, CAPTAIN AMERICA and his mighty shield. A hearty salute to this amazing character. May 2019.

Commission sketch done at the Atlanta Comic Convention March 2019.

 Envelope art.

SC Comicon 2019
 Domino Lady head sketch.

 Mike Gordon's Tiki Zombie.

 Chris Hamer's Byron.

Star Trek's Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy is having a bad hair day.

Mighty Destro
"If I only had a brain..."

More assorted sketches.

Wonder Woman commission for a customer who picked up a Bobby's Big Box O' Books Bundle. I figure you can't go wrong with playing 'bullets and bracelets' although there are a whole lot of unnecessary lines on her new costume. #WonderWoman

If you saw the Wonder Woman commission that was included in a Bobby's Big Bingeable Box O' Books Bundle, you know what comes next. That's right! It's Box Art Time! When people ask why I don't do likenesses, this piece is why. It's the 10th Doctor, but the face does not look quite right. Hopefully, the TARDIS in the background gets around that. #DoctorWho #10thDoctor

I mailed out some cool stuff today so you know what that means... it's envelope art time. Today's envelope sketch features the USS Enterprise at Warp Speed! #StarTrek

The ladies at the Bethlehem Post Office saw me walk in and the first thing they said was "let me see what you've drawn today!" I'm glad they get a kick out of the sketches too.

I've been framed! What's funny, is seeing them side by side, it looks like Domino Lady stole Rick Ruby's gun. Thanks for sharing this, Rob. I love it. 

Reposting Robert McIntyreFinally got my artwork by my friend Bobby Nash framed, Rick Ruby & Domino Lady.

Atlanta Comic Convention January 27, 2019

Boba Fett



Illogical envelope art, Mr. Spock.

Pulpy p.i. box art.

SHAZAM! Captain Marvel (can we still call him that) to the rescue!
Compliments of your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!
A quick and dirty Spider-man '66 animated sketch card.

Envelope Art: The Joker

Envelope Art: The Human Torch. 
The lady at the Post Office asked if they had ever burned a package before so I had to explain to her who the character is and the joke.


Assassin's Creed


My first dragon drawing

Batman and Sherlock Holmes Ballroom Dancing.
Yes, you read that correctly. Another first for me.

Charlie Brown IS The Great Pumpkin ...and he's out for revenge.

A very poorly drawn Flint from G.I. Joe. The face is all wrong.
Dave Stevens' The Rocketeer ready to take flight. The gun didn't quite come out right.

Randy Bishop's The Hawk of New York from his comic book of the same name.

Box Art: Spider-man

Box Art: Deadpool

Box Art: Captain America

Box Art: Hulk

Box Art: Loki

Box Art: Thor

Norman Rockwell inspired commisssion-- The Dreamer

Domino Lady commission.

envelope art

envelope art

Savannah Mega Comic Con

I absolutely love hos this Spock art came out.

Free Comic Book Day 2018

Drawn on the envelope/box.

Drawn on the envelope/box.

Drawn on the envelope.

Drawn on the envelope/box.

Drawn on the envelope/box.

Drawn on the envelope/box.
Tri-Cities Comic and Toy Show 2018

Assorted 2017


Q Cumbersome from J.R. Mounts' Fried Pickle Noir

Drawn on the envelope.

The printed version in Fried Pickle Noir Book 5: Russet's Revenge!

SC Comicon

Patreon Sketch giveaway

Free Comic Book Day 2017

Assorted 2016

1st Patreon sketch drawing giveaway. Oct. 9, 2016

Domino Lady/Sherlock Holmes contest giveaway

Free Comic Book Day 2016

Bridgecon 2016

SC Comicon 2016

Halloween Comic Fest 2015

Free Comic Book Day 2012

Free Comic Book Day 2011


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