In addition to writing the occasional screenplay, Bobby also does a little bit of acting. This page spotlights those projects. Enjoy.

Click the links below each title for purchasing information.
Click on images for larger view.

Bobby has appeared in the following projects:

CREEPSHOW Season 1, episode 6 "SKINCRAWLERS"
Bobby plays Mr. Simmons (before)

Tommy the cops' tech guy.

Bobby plays Slovenly Dad Who Notices Miles While Buying A Desk Chair.

Tommy the cops' tech guy.

Featured. Frustrated New Orleans Crawdad's fan in bathroom.

CAMP MASSACRE (formerly called FAT CHANCE) comedy/horror film from Deviant Pictures. 2014. Bobby plays Clark Wagner.

SATISFACTION- USA Network pilot episode.
Bobby plays rude businessman (featured extra)

THE FOLLOWING - FOX Network Pilot episode.
Bobby plays FBI Agent Robert Edwards (featured extra)

LEVEL UP - Cartoon Network movie/pilot.
Bobby played Coach Scooter (featured extra)

Bobby was an extra in the following productions:
Mob Land
Creepshow season 2 Holiday Special
Doom Patrol season 2, episode 4 "Sex Patrol"
Slutty Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 3
Don't (game show)
Ozark season 3
The Outsider season 1, episode 2
Creepshow Season 1, episode 6 "Skinwalkers"
Dolby Cinema commercial
Doom Patrol Season 1 episode 2
Cobra Kai Season 2
Queen Fur (pilot)
Life Size 2
The Mule
What Men Want
Champaign Ill season 1, episode 1
Ozark season 1
Lodge 49 season 1, episode 5
Brockmire season 2
Last Full Measure
Dumb and Dumber To
Halt and Catch Fire season 1, episode 9
Necessary Roughness seasons 2 and 3
The Three Stooges
Hall Pass
Detroit 187 pilot episode
Xfinity On The Couch commercial
Phil Driscoll Biopic
Hail Mary (unsold pilot)

Bobby is an award-winning author of novels, comic books, short fiction, and screenplays. A full list of book titles can be made available.

Bobby wrote screenplays for the following:
STAR TREK CONTINUES “PILGRIM OF ETERNITY” 2013. (uncredited rewrite)
STARSHIP FARRAGUT “CONSPIRACY OF INNOCENCE” 2014. Winner of Silver Award at 2015 DC Film Fest.


I'm thrilled to share Starship Webster "Periphery" written by yours truly.

Now On-Line: "Periphery" - a Star Trek fan production
Watch it on YouTubeVimeo, and below.

When the U.S.S. Webster finds the missing U.S.S. Sagittarius adrift in space, they beam over only to find the ship deserted. Evidence points to a run-in with Romulans, but as Captain Latimer and the landing party investigates, they realize that something strange is happening on board. And now it has turned its sights on the Webster’s crew.
Starring Clinton Riddle as Captain Richard Lattimer, Chelsey L. Boston as Navigator Oden Madigan, Kenneth Hughes as Security Chief Jackson Kelly, Michael Kelingos as Helmsman Abram Scarren, and Mat Acra as Duty Officer Victor Larkin. Special Guest Stars: Kevin Palm as Captain Snow, Dawn Runyon as Mrs. Clark, and James Weber as The Klingon. Co-Starring Blake Andrus as Helm Officer Airatraya, Minette Bryant as the Sagittarius Computer Voice, Kimberly Bottoms Coleman as Engineering Officer Ray, Jerry Brooker as Tactical Officer Harrington, Karen Fonville as Transporter Chief O'Dell, Bobby Holit as Tactical Officer Steele, Randall Landers as Security Officer Peter Reigert, Fred Lassiter as Sagittarius Science Officer Langley, Erik Parrent as Navigator Bill Rockwell, Alyssa Rice as Comm Officer St. James, Ylonda Scroggins Perkins as Science Officer Katz, and Emannuel Thurman as Security Officer Shepherd.

Written by Bobby Nash. Directed by Chelsey L. Boston, Kenneth Hughes, Fred Lassiter, and Kevin Palm. Edited by Randall Landers. VFX by Ross Trowbridge. Music by Chris Kroznuski, Vernon Barnard, Tony Lunn and Michael Day. Assistant Producers: Minette Bryant, Fred Lassiter, Ylonda Scroggins-Perkins. Associate Producers: Michael Day, Kevin Palm, Ross Trowbridge. Producers: Chelsey L. Boston, Kenneth Hughes, Clinton Riddle. Co-Executive Producer: Rick Foxx. Executive Producer: Randall Landers.

W12 Produced by the Starship Webster Creative Group of Lexington, Kentucky.
Produced in 2024 by Randall Landers for Potemkin Pictures.



If you've ever wondered what I'd look like in an apron and slaving over a hot grill, here's your chance. I played a fry cook in Mob Land, which is now playing on Hulu. I finally got the chance to watch. It's a pretty good indie crime thriller. I'm in it for a good 2 minutes, working up a sweat (some real, some fake). I got to meet the movie's villain, Stephen Dorff. Cool guy. Also, a brave man, he actually ate one of the burgers I cooked in the scene. They filmed this one in the small town I live in so there's lots of familiar landmarks. Sadly, I didn't get to meet John Travolta. He wrapped the day before I worked.

Enjoy the movie.


Click on images for a larger view.


Written by Bobby Nash.

On a medical mission of mercy to Yarva II, Captain Lattimer and Lieutenant Katz of the U.S.S. Webster are attacked by a powerful new enemy. Can they survive before they too fall prey to the mysterious affliction plaguing the planet?

Available on YouTube
Also posted below.


Congratulations to Jordan Consalvi for winning Best Villain in the Best of 2023 Star Trek Fan Film Awards. Jordan brough the evil Vos to life in the Starship Webster episode "Where Monsters Dwell" written by yours truly. It's always cool seeing how an actor will bring a character I created to life and Jordan nailed the part. Congrats to Jordan, Randy Landers, and the cast and crew of Starship Webster. Well done. You can see all of the winners HERE.



I can neither confirm nor deny that I'm under one of those big white beards in this Christmas Special, but that darn Santa suit was hot. It was also Spring in Atlanta when we shot this. Very warm. :)

You can watch the trailer HERE or below.

Were-creatures vs. evil Santas? It's beginning to look a lot like Creepshow. #TheLastDriveIn Premieres next Friday! Only on Shudder!

I had a great time working on this, although my involvement was reduced due to COVID, which hit just as we started filming. I can't say anything about the plot beyond what's in the trailer. 



Click for larger view.


Bobby plays "Disco George"

The 4th episode of DC Universe's Doom Patrol season 2 titled "Sex Patrol" is now live (definitely not one for the kiddies). If you check out the party scenes in the mansion, you might recognize a familiar bearded face. Robotman kept referring to me as Disco George R.R. Martin. Ha! Ha! It was a fun shoot and a gorgeous set. Long, cold days, and I was in some serious pain due a a bad reaction to some new medication so I was walking with a cane between takes, but I had a blast! 

Above is a screen grab as we watch something heart-touching and magical happen. The ones below are from the episode. #DoomPatrol 



A fan film written by Bobby Nash

Please enjoy my episode of Hospital Ship Marie Curie called "Under Fire" FREE on YouTube at and below. It was a thrill to return to the final frontier.

As the Federation mediates a permanent peace between alien governments disputing the planet Donset IV, the Hospital Ship Marie Curie arrives to render aid to the innocents injured during the last skirmish. When the cease fire abruptly ends, Captain Starr finds her ship under fire from two warring armadas while her people are trapped on the planet below. Can she rescue the ambassador and her crew before the ship is destroyed?

Starring Lillian A Cole as Captain Gaia Starr, Michael Hadden as Tactical Officer Burroughs, LaCindra McGowan as Chief Surgeon Kavanaugh, and Veronica Dashell as Chief Security Officer Jackson. Featuring Josh Alford as Engineer Longings, Franklin Hadden as Ambassador Massey, Annaleigh Holloway as Science Officer Stone, Charles Kelso as Lieutenant Bobodobalina, Elisha McCartha as Comm Officer Arson, Jakob McCartha as Cadet McKenna, Kyle Paul as Transporter Chief Huise and Navigator Stephan Jones.

Written by Bobby Nash, Directed by Randy Landers. VFX by Chris Kroznuski. Music by Bobi Serafimo (c) 2020. Editor Randall Landers. Story Editor Charles Kelso. Assistant Producer Lee Drew. Coordinating Producer and Location Scout Tuck Stevens. Associate Producer & Webmaster Michael Day. Produced by Dave MacKenzie. Co-Executive Producer Rick Foxx. Executive Producer Randall Landers.

Produced by Potemkin Pictures
Hospital Ship Marie Curie Creative Team



You can just catch the briefest glimpse of me in the new Doom Patrol season 2 trailer. You can see it below or watch it HERE.

That's me wearing the red feather boa and George R.R. Martin hat. Robot Man kept referring to me as Disco George R.R. Martin on set.

Don't blink.

This was a fun set and I had a blast working with everyone. The mansion is gorgeous.


OZARK Season 3, episode 1

Welcome back, Ozark on Netflix! I love this series. Here are my blink and you miss them scenes in Ozark season 3, episode 1. I had fun playing blackjack and craps on set all day. Great cast & crew and this set is amazing. I was also on hand during the concert scene and the scenes leading up to it in the parking lot, but did not make it on camera there.

Ozark is a great series. You should check it out.







You can catch me in episode 2 of HBO's The Outsider last night during the shooting at the courthouse. I understand that footage of the shooting will be revisited in later episodes as well. This adaptation of a Stephen King novel stars Ben Medelsohn and Jason Bateman (who also directed episodes 1 and 2). This is the third time I've worked on a project directed by Bateman. I am rather impressed with his work. We worked on this scene for 3 days and on one of the runs, I fell and ripped my pants just past that tree in the background. Ouch. It was raining and the grass was slick.

You can read a review of the episode HERE.

YouTube Video from The Outsider. I pop in around the 2:25 mark.




Dana Gould in Skinwalkers (I'm just off to the right of this shot).

Roxanne Benjamin directed a Creepshow story called Skinwalkers, written by Paul Dini and Stephen Langford. Creepshow is produced by Greg Nicotero. I have a small role in this episode as Mr. Simmons (before). Don't blink or you'll miss me.

Dana Gould stars in the story of a man who considers a miraculous new treatment for weight loss that turns out to have unexpected complications. I can't spoil anything about the episode, but look for me in a small role near the beginning of the episode.

Skinwalkers premiered on Halloween night, October 31, 2019 on AMC's Shudder.

Bobby plays Mr. Simmons (before). Here are a few screenshots.

Watch the Creepshow trailer HERE or below.


New series poster
So, I saw an article on the new Creepshow series that will premiere in October on AMC's Shudder streaming service. As you may remember, I worked on a story for this series. Since then, I have learned a bit more about the episode I am in.

This is courtesy of an article on Den of Geek:
Dana Gould will star in "Skincrawlers," described as “a tale about a man who considers a new weight-loss treatment that has unexpected complications.” The script was written by Paul Dini and John Langford, with Roxanne Benjamin set to direct.

I did not know that Paul Dini, a writer whose work I love, wrote the episode. 

Ready for my close up
That is exciting. I had a lot of fun working with actors Dana Gould and Hina Khan and director, Roxanne Benjamin. I also got to meet showrunner, Greg Nicotero as well. It was a fun, laid back set.

I will share more once it's available. At the moment, I'm bound by NDA not to share publicly so you guys get the sneak peek well in advance of everyone.

I'm looking forward to seeing the episode in October.




Who is that not-so-subtle government agent following Negative Man in Doom Patrol episode 2? You see him back there with the sunglasses, watching ever so closely? Can he be trusted? Who does he work for? Why does he seem so familiar? (hint: he's me)  Should DC have him appear again? (the answer to that last one is a big ol' YES!)

Don't blink. 

I'm not visible here, but this is the bus station scene.
Thanks to Earth Station DCU podcast host Drew Leiter for sharing the screen capture. I haven't been able to watch yet. Speaking of ESDCU, I'll be on their show March 4th talking Snow Falls, which was just released as an audio book and this episode of Doom Patrol.

#DoomPatrol #DC #DCStreaming #NegativeMando



11/04/2019: Joe Stryker Blu-ray, DVD and merch packages go up for preorder tomorrow! You won't want to miss this! World premiere screening November 16th! I play Tommy in this movie. Stay tuned for details.

The Joe Stryker trailer is live and you can watch it HERE.

I'm not in the trailer, but I play the role of Tommy the Tech Guy (seen above). This was a fun project. FYI: the trailer is NSFW (language). This movie is rated R.

#JoeStryker is a low budget action epic unlike anything you have seen before.Written and Directed by Kevin Slayfield and Ryan Cadaver from the band The Casket Creatures.

Starring - Joseph Watts, Jon McCollum, Watkins Watkins, Dan Kelly, Shane Sudduth, Jimmy Harper, Cliff Damnage, Shiloh Bloodworth, Dave West, Bobby Nash, and many many more.

The Joe Stryker movie premiere will happen on November 16th at Sweetwater Live in Duluth, GA with the cast and crew on hand. The Casket Creatures will also perform live! Join us! It'll be a blast!

Hey, who's that gray-headed chap on the screen, I wonder? :) I had so much fun playing this scene with Joseph Watts.


Repost Ryan Cadaver: Spent the day working/drinking with Kevin Slayfield editing Joe Stryker Movie. You guys aren't ready!

Waiting to go to set.
One of two outfits used for filming on Joe Stryker, where I play Tommy, the computer forensics tech. Look closely. You don't often see me in a tie. I had a great time on set. A fun day with great people.

I'll have more news on the movie when I can share it.




I finally got around to watching Cobra Kai and saw my blink and you miss it walk through in season 2, episode 1. I'm way in the back in the green shirt. #CobraKai


Last year, I wrote a short screenplay for Randy Landers' Hospital Ship Marie Curie Star Trek fan series. They run 8 - 10 minute episodes within the new guidelines put out by Paramount and CBS. After touring the sets last year (they are amazing, by the way), I came up with an idea so I wrote an episode called "Under Fire" for them. On Saturday, June 16, 2018, they filmed the episode, which is pretty darn cool. Sadly, I was unable to be there for the filming, but I look forward to seeing shots when they are available. Follow their progress HERE. See photos HERE and HERE.

About Hospital Ship Marie Curie "Under Fire"
The Marie Curie arrives at Donset IV, a planet caught between the warring nations of the Procyn and Gropos Empires. Both governments have laid claim to the planet. Starfleet has been rendering aid to the local indigenous personnel while a cease fire remains in effect. When hostilities flare up, the Marie Curie crew is caught in the line of fire between two warring nations while they try to rescue their people and an injured Federation ambassador before it's too late.

Hospital Ship Marie Curie "Under Fire" stars Lillian A Cole (Captain Starr) LaCindra McGowan (Chief Surgeon Cavanaugh), Michael Hadden (Tactical Officer Burroughs), Veronica Dashell (Security Chief Jackson), Kyle Paul (Navigator Jones and Transporter Chief Huise), Anna Holloway (Science Officer Stone), Elisha McCartha (Comm Officer Arson), Jakob McCartha (Cadet McKenna), Josh Alford (Engineering Officer Longings), Charles Kelso (Engineering Officer Bobodobalina), and guest star Franklin Hadden (Ambassador Massey).  Randy and his crew have a great deal of fun making these shorts. Please visit the site and check out some of their other releases.

About Hospital Ship Marie Curie: The experimental Naucrate-class hospital ship, Marie Curie, NCC-2179, is on a mission: to aid and give hope to all who are suffering. Operating in Quadrant 9, this vessel is tasked with rendering help to planets, starbases and ships suffering from disasters, plagues, and war. Join us as we follow her maiden voyages...


Bobby appears in Brockmire season 2 premiere episode April 25, 2018.

We can't believe what we just heard Brockmire say on the broadcast.
Brockmire Season 2 begins April 25 on IFC. You may recognize a certain writer guy in a couple of scenes later in the episode. See the photo for a hint. I will appear in at least one more episode in season 2 as well.

Watch the Brockmire season 2 premiere on April 25th on IFC or watch it NOW on Brockmire's Facebook page: or see it below.



World-wide premiere was
held at Fan Central.
The episode of the Starship Farragut web series I wrote, "Conspiracy of Innocence" is now available for viewing at the Starship Farragut websiteYoutube, and in this very post.

About Starship Farragut "Conspiracy of Innocence"
While on a mission to a strange new world, Captain Carter and crew face the ultimate challenge as a close friend gives that last full measure of devotion to save the others. Trapped in a world below the surface of a dying planet, the inhabitants share a secret which could change the galaxy forever. While Captain Carter and the crew grieve, a threat emerges which could mean the end of the Farragut.

Starship Farragut "Conspiracy of Innocence"

This was a lot of fun to write and the cast and crew did a fantastic job bringing it to life.

I hope you enjoy the show.








Bobby posted photos from the Farragut Fest set visit here.

Here's the teaser trailer for Starship Farragut "Conspiracy of Innocence
Also available on YouTube.

A little behind the scenes video interview done while filming Starship Farragut's "Conspiracy of Innocence" episode that I wrote. You can see the video here or below.
Bobby's Starship Farragut episode, "Conspiracy of Innocence" won an award in 2015. The episode won the Silver Award at the 2015 DC WebFest Awards. 

About the DC WebFest Awards:

The DC Web and Digital Media Festival will showcase the best in online filmmaking. Presented by 20/20 Productions features the best in Web series ranging from comedy, drama, horror and soap opera. Along with the best online films, the festival also highlights new digital media, such as gaming and app development.

Learn more about Starship Farragut here.

Bobby joined the cast and crew of Starship Farragut for the premiere of their latest episode, "Conspiracy of Innocence" on July 5, 2014 at Farragut Films studio in Kingsland, Georgia. Bobby wrote this episode.


The author and his DVD.

Bobby had copies of the DVDs on hand at conventions for anyone who wanted one, but has ran out and doesn't know if there will be more. I'm sure the Farragut team will have some at cons as well. If you like what you see, you can also donate a few bucks toward the filming of their next episode and building new sets. All of the filming and construction at Farragut Studios is a labor of love by all involved. They do it because they love Star Trek and it shows.

Get all the details here.


The USS Enterprise's historic five-year mission continues with all new episodes of the original series. "Star Trek: Continues", a new Trek series, beams down with exciting adventures of the Federation's most heroic crew led by Captain James T. Kirk. The lighting and color of the highly accurate sets accentuate the equally detailed props and costumes, matching the original series that ran from 1966-69! With acting and stories that also replicate the original series, the adventures are sure to dazzle even the most die hard Trek fans. Witness now the untold morality plays that explore the final frontier and more importantly... the human condition. Fans of the original series will especially enjoy the pilot episode as a familiar guest star from the original series reprises his role in a sequel entitled "Pilgrim of Eternity".

Bobby received a special thanks credit for his writing contributions to this episode.

2013 Lost Episode Festival Toronto - Best Feature
2013 71st World Science Fiction Convention - Best Fan Film
2014 The Geeky Awards - Best Web Series



Bobby on the Talk of The Town couch
I was interviewed on Talk of The Town, a local interview show filmed in my community. Over the course of the twelve and a half minute interview, the show's host, Karen Allen and I talked about writing, Evil Ways, and Fight Card: Barefoot Bones.

The video has now been posted to the internet. You can watch it above or here. I am the second interview, following author Creston Mapes, starting around the 12 minute mark.

Host Karen Allen with Evil Ways novel
I'd like to thank host Karen Allen and producer Christopher Childs for having me as a guest on the show, which you can learn more about here.

This was my first TV interview and I was a little nervous, but Karen and Chris made me feel very at ease. I had fun. I just need to wear less bright colors, stop talking with my hands, and stop saying "you know" so much.

I hope you enjoy my appearance on Talk of The Town.




Camp Massacre (the movie formerly known as Fat Chance) is now available for purchase on iTunes and rent on Wal-Mart VuduTarget Ticket, and more to be announced. 

Look for it on DVD as well at AmazonBarnes and NobleBest BuyFamily VideoCD Universe, and more. 



That is NOT Bobby on the cover.

The original title/poster
The Fat Chance movie gets a name change and becomes Camp Massacre before mass distribution in 2015. The Horror Society has all the info on the name change and potential release date on DVD and Blu-Ray. You can read it here.

And here's the official word from Jim O'Rear and Daniel Emery Taylor--

HERE IT IS..... Our award-winning horror/comedy "Fat Chance" has been renamed “Camp Massacre” by the distributor, in order to secure better placement in foreign markets and rental outlets. The content of the film is exactly the same... only the title has changed... and here's the brand new cover art! Watch for the worldwide release early next year!

Thanks, guys. I had a great time working on this movie and met some really cool people. I play Clark Wagner in the movie and I look forward to seeing Camp Massacre on store shelves in 2015.

Again, you can read the full story here.


Oh, no... Clark Wagner ain't havin' none of this shit!
HORRORPHILIA ranked Camp Massacre #2 on their best slashers of 2015 list and I couldn't be happier. Big thanks to Jason at Horrorphilia for the review. We had so much fun making this movie. The cast and crew really bonded while making this movie. There were a lot of laughs in between swatting mosquitoes and other bugs. My favorite memory is from the scene with all of us together in the cabin playing drunk.

Check out Horrorphilia Jason’s Top 10 Slashers of 2015 here for the full list.


A Comedy/Horror Film

Fat Chance movie poster
Deviant Pictures has released the first trailer for the comedy/horror flick, Fat Chance. I play Clark Wagner in this movie and you can catch 3 quick shots of me in the trailer. Ain't It Cool News did a nice write up on Fat Chance as well. You can check it out here.


From the sick minds behind The Hospital, FAT CHANCE stars Bree Olson (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE III), Dick Warlock (HALLOWEEN II), Al Snow (WWE legend), Jim O'Rear (THE DEAD MATTER), Daniel Emery Taylor (THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING), and Scott Tepperman (GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL).

Bobby as Clark Wagner
THE BIGGEST LOSER meets FRIDAY THE 13TH. Ten overweight men appear on a weight loss reality show that threatens to push them to the edge. As contestants start to disappear in the night, it is up to the survivors to figure out what is going on. Are they sneaking away while everyone else sleeps? Has one of the contestants snapped? Or is something more nefarious going on?

Fat Chance. Coming Soon.

Watch the trailer here.

Fat Chance T-Shirt design
Art: Billy Tackett

I look forward to seeing all you cool folks wearing Fat Chance T-shirts at cons in 2014.

THEY'RE HERE! Fast Custom Shirts now has Deviant PicturesFAT CHANCE movie poster T-Shirts available for purchase here.

Get yours today!

The official movie soundtrack of Deviant Pictures' upcoming feature film, Fat Chance (I play Clark Wagner in the movie) with awesome songs from Radio Cult, Steels, White Devil, and more!

Grab a copy here and join us in the groove.
Learn more here.


Fat Chance director Jim O'Rear premiered the Fat Chance movie at Movie Days / The Dark Zone film festival event in Dortmund, Germany. At the event, Fat Chance was awarded “Best Horror Comedy” which is pretty darn cool.

Learn more here.

Below are a few stills of Bobby Nash as Clark Wagner in Fat Chance.
Click the images for a larger view.



Bobby's headshot

I have been very fortunate to be an extra in several TV and movie projects. Below are a few photos from my background work.In September 2013, I had my first speaking role in the horror/comedy movie, Fat Chance that was later renamed Camp Massacre.

Netflix's Ozark season 2, episode 10 

Netflix's Ozark season 2, episode 10 

Netflix's Ozark season 2, episode 10 

Lodge 49 season 1, episode 5

Lodge 49 season 1, episode 5

Lodge 49 season 1, episode 5
Watch my Lodge 49 scene HERE.

The Following

Bobby as Clark Wagner
in Fat Chance

Halt and Catch Fire


The Coach on Level Up movie/pilot

With Kevin Bacon on The Following

Bobby plays Clark on Fat Chance

Diner patron on Wanderlust

Bobby's POV for Xfinity Couch commercial

Bobby as Agent Edwards on The Following

Bobby as New York Hawks fan on Necessary Roughness
The back of Bobby's neck n Hall Pass
Bobby is several people in the crowd for Level Up

2 of Bobby's comic books appeared on Necessary Roughness

Bobby's comic books appeared on Necessary Roughness

Bobby's comic books appeared on Necessary Roughness
Bobby in Satisfaction



Bobby in airport
Look for me in the airport and airplane scenes in the first episode of Satisfaction which aired at 10 p.m. on Sunday on the USA Network. This was a fun couple days work working with Matt Passmore, who was very nice to work with.

Some of these screengrabs below you can only see part of my head or my head, but I'm there. I spent quite a few takes trying to knock star Matt Passmore over on the airplane. We had a lot of fun. Suzie, the flight attendant also runs into me with her cart, but sadly that part got cut.

I also remember that it was very cold that day in December we filmed the plane scenes. Very, very cold. It was a long, fun day though. Arrived around 7 a.m. and left after 2

About Satisfaction:
Neil Truman has been married to his wife Grace for 16 years and they seem to have it all, but there’s still something missing...

SATISFACTION airs Sundays at 10/9c on USA network.

Click on the images for a larger view.






Bobby and Cardiff Electric crew
I was an extra on episode 9 of AMC's TV series, Halt And Catch Fire. Episode Nine takes place partly at the 1983 Comdex Convention in Las Vegas. The shoot took place in a couple of different location in Atlanta, GA a few months back, before the first episode had aired. It was either late February or early April. I do remember it was chilly outside when I arrived early each morning. My dates are a little fuzzy.

I worked on the shoot for three days and had a fun time, although my feet were killing me at the end of each day after many hours standing and walking on hard surfaces. Oh, the pains of just being there, huh? :) I also spent some time fake drinking, fake smoking, and fake picking up women at the bar. I also had a lot of fake conversations on the con floor and got to fake flirt with the porn stars turned booth babes. Fun times. It was also my first time filming against a green screen, which was a neat experience. The shirt I wore was none to flattering, although it fit the era. It was a bit snug.
My 80's flashback wardrobe

For the most part, I'm blurry and in the background, although there is one scene where the cast walks past me while I'm talking with another convention attendee at the windows. It's a fun moment as it's one of the few in the series where the characters seem to be really happy and smiling.

I had fun and was excited to see myself in the episode.

Thanks to the cast and crew for a wonderful experience and thanks to the casting company that hired me. I had a blast.

Enjoy the photos.


Watch a sneak peek from the episode here or below. 
You can catch me moving about near the bar at the beginning.

Click on images for a larger view.






















I haven't seen it yet, but if you get the chance to see Dumb and Dumber To, keep an eye out for me in the background. Here's a couple shots. That's me on the left. I had a fun time working as an extra on this shoot. I was there for two weeks. Not sure how much you'll see of me, but I ran across a clip on YouTube that I pulled these stills from. It was a funny scene and both Jeff and Jim were there.

A funny observation I've made. The last few projects I've done, Satisfaction, Dumb and Dumber To, and the upcoming Camp Massacre (formerly Fat Chance) I seem to be playing irritated characters a lot. In Satisfaction, I was an irritated business man on a plane. In Dumb and Dumber To, I'm irritated because the line to get into the convention is not 
moving and taking forever, but these two idiots get to cut the line in front of me. In Camp Massacre, I'm irritated because I have to take the empties out to the garbage.

I guess I play angry well, huh?


Here's the clip.
Right before this clip, Jeff Daniels is doing a bit in the same spot.
I could hear them because they were beside me, but I couldn't see them.