Wednesday, April 30, 2014


In production now. I'm about halfway finished writing it.

Now on sale.
Like Honey West? Want more Honey West books?
Then please let Moonstone Books know.
Drop Moonstone an email to

Personally, I hope she sticks around. I'm in the middle of writing a Honey West/Domino Lady novel that I want to finish and get out to readers. Selfish, I know, but still...




Attention all Moonstone readers, fans, collectors, freelancers, relatives, facebook friends, pets, and all!

If you have enjoyed what we do, and especially our HONEY WEST books, we would so appreciate hearing from you (and your ocelot). You have probably heard about various TV shows being saved from cancellation by fans writing in: Star Trek being the most famous of the bunch.

This is kind of the same thing concerning HONEY WEST...first female private eye of both literature and TV. If you would like to see more HONEY WEST, please email us and let us know...feel free to say what you like about what we have done.

Just email us at:, tell us what you like, and just give us your name, city, and state.

ALL email addresses will be held by us as confidential.

If we can accumulate enough emails to succeed, we will put all of the emails into a random raffle, and give away cool prizes to the top winners!

Thank you all; so much for all of the support over the years!


It starts here...
Cool. A couple of my stories got mentioned on Sean Lee Levin's The Crossover Universe blog. How do Secret Agent X and Lance Star: Sky Ranger crossover? Find out here.

Thanks to Sean for including these in the Crossover Universe Blog. I love it when I'm able to crossover characters and stories. I do it whenever I can. I’ll have to write up a nice blog post about it. I have several background characters that have appeared in books in multiple timelines so we’ve gotten to see them grow and age and see what they’ve been up to. Plus, Evil Ways' FBI Agent Harold Palmer has a connection to Lance Star: Sky Ranger and The New Adventures of The Eagle as his grandfather, a G-man, makes appearances in both.

It gets revisited here.
The crossovers are fun Easter Eggs for those who have read multiple stories I’ve written. Think of them as a nice bonus.

See you over there.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014


(front and back covers) Cover Art: Jamie Chase
The Ghost Gal cover has been revealed!

GHOST GAL: The Wild Hunt will be available for ordering shortly from Raven's Head Press. This pulpy horror adventure is Written by Author Bobby Nash and based on the life of Alexandra Holzer under a painted cover by Jamie Chase. Forward by one of the original Ghostbusters, Ernie Hudson. I will post ordering info as soon as it becomes available.

“Alex and I shared a mutual dream about this some years back it's good to know dreams still come true,” said Michael R. Hudson. “Never give up!”

Cover Placeholder
“It’s pretty neat and humbling to be immortalized in pen and ink,” said Holzer of seeing her fiction alter ego.

“This was so much fun to write. I had a great time,” said Nash about Ghost Gal. “I look forward to getting started on book 2 sometime in the very near future.”

Go Go Ghost Gal!

Raven’s Head Press head honcho, Michael Hudson originally approached me with the idea for Ghost Gal in 2013. I was intrigued by the idea of a pulp ghost hunter. I said yes on the spot.

Final cover (front)
Set in the 1960's, Alexandra and Hans Holzer, based on the real life father and daughter ghost hunters (Alex is a consultant on the book) this first book in the series has them facing off against ghouls from myth, The Wild Hunt.

The Wild Hunt is out for revenge on the man who imprisoned them years earlier-- Hans Holzer. What they didn't count on was his feisty daughter, Alex, joining the family business.

Ghost Gal: “The Wild Hunt” will be available soon. Keep watching this page for more details as soon as they are available.

I ain’t afraid of no ghost.



A tease. My lips are sealed.
More to come soon.



Reading Rainbow's LeVar Burton (he's also famous for being on a sci fi show, I think) promotes Free Comic Book DayFCBD is May 3rd. You can watch the video above or here.

Many thanks for spreading the word, Levar.

Read How to Prepare For Free Comic Book Day here.
See a list of the FCBD books here.


I will be spending Free Comic Book Day on May 3rd at The Rock Shop at the Mall of Georgia along with special guests Tony Shasteen, Greg Crews, Andrew Jenkins, and Alisa. Please come out and join us for a fun day at the comic shop.

See you there!


Monday, April 28, 2014


I just discovered some reviews on some of my books over at Barnes and Noble

You can check out Barnes and Noble's list of books by Bobby Nash here.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to leave a review.

They are greatly appreciated.


Sunday, April 27, 2014


Alexandra Holzer shared Ghost Gal news with fans at the Expo Event.
Art: Jamie Chase
Alexandra Holzer shared photos from the Go Go Ghost Gal ‎Event that was hosted by Bumble-Fly Events in the Hudson Valley. Ghost Gal is coming soon from Raven's Head Press, written by Author Bobby Nash, and edited by Michael R. Hudson.

She also celebrated ‎the 50th Anniversary of Ghost Hunter ‎Hans Holzer’s first book, The Ghost Hunter, originally published in 1963 and coupled with the new Ghost Gal novel series. The series is based on the adventures of young Alexandra Holzer and her ‎ghost-hunting father swirling in the mind of the amazingly talented pulp author Bobby Nash and cover artist Jamie Chase.

If you’d like to hear Alexandra Holzer, Michael Hudson, and Bobby Nash discuss Ghost Gal, check out Earth Station One podcast episode 184. You can listen to it here.

Learn more about Ghost Gal here and here.

Final cover reveal coming soon.

I'll share it here when it's revealed.


Click on images for a larger view.



Bobby laughing it up with Howdy Mike Gordon. Photo by Theresa Watkins.

It's all about the gold pressed latinum.
I bummed a ride with Mike Gordon to Trek Trax Atlanta today. A fun time was had. I ended the day as a guest, along with Mike and Keith R. A. DeCandido on the Seriously, Dan radio show with host Dan Carroll and Mary LouWho. The only downside tot he day was breaking my camera. Thankfully, I was able to save the photos I took at the event. I was only there for the day and had a great time.


Click images for a larger view.

With Mary LouWho and Dan Carroll on the radio LIVE.

And then they pulled weapons on us, officer.


Arlene Martel.

To the left of my table.

Jeremy Roberts

To the right of my table.

more puppets

Mike and I shared a table and talked up the ESO podcast.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Back Cover. Art: Jamie Chase.

It's 500 miles to Pellucidar, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses.

Hit it.


Sequential Pulp Comics' Michael Hudson posted: ERB's AT THE EARTH'S CORE is finished and heading over to Dark Horse Comics. Jamie Chase and Bobby Nash have a classic on their hands. We will keep you posted as more news comes forth.


It has been a great pleasure working on this book. It was a lot of fun and I couldn't ask for better creative partners than Michael R. Hudson and Jamie Chase. The At The Earth’s Core adaptation is licensed and authorized by ERB, Inc. and based on the original novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Stay tuned.



If you're at the C2E2 convention in Chicago this weekend, be on the look out for these cool postcards that spotlights my novel, Deadly Games! and other great creators.

Raymond Leonard, creator and writer of AGENT SOLO, will be at C2E2 today passing out these amazing INDIE POSTCARDS!
INDIE POSTCARDS promote indie comic creators, cos-players, writers, artist and photographers.
Check out the video below to see the INDIE POSTCARDS in action! It will only take a few minutes to Watch & Share!
SUPPORT INDIE COMICS! Watch the video here!
A novel by Bobby Nash

A madman's death triggers the most deadly game of all!
They played the most dangerous game of all and death was only the beginning...

Six years ago, Police Detective John Bartlett and journalist Benjamin West were instrumental in the capture of notorious master criminal Darrin Morehouse. Their story played out in the media, rocketing both Bartlett and West into local celebrity status.

Today, Morehouse, still a master game player and manipulator, commits suicide while in prison. His death initiates one final game of survival for the people Morehouse felt wronged him the most. At that top of the list are Bartlett and West, who must set aside their differences to save the lives of Morehouse's other victims and solve one last game before a dead man’s hired killers catch them and his other enemies.

Deadly Games! is a fast-paced action/thriller featuring action, suspense, murder, and the occasional gunfire from Author Bobby Nash, the writer of Evil Ways, Domino Lady, Lance Star: Sky Ranger, and more.

John Bartlett and Benjamin West will return in Deadly Deals! Coming 2014.

DEADLY GAMES! can also be purchased in print and digital editions at the following:
BEN Books Direct E-store (paperback)
Amazon (paperback)
Barnes and Noble (paperback)
Powell's Books (paperback)
Mighty Ape NZ (paperback)
Amazon (Kindle) ebook
Smashwords (multiple ebook formats)
Coming Soon.

Barnes and Noble (Nook) ebook
Barnes and Noble UK (Nook) ebook
KOBO ebook
Drive Thru Fiction ebook
SONY Reader ebook 


Major John T. Lacy
Pro Se Publisher Tommy Hancock informed me tonight that The New Adventures of Major Lacy and Amusement, Inc. is coming in days from Pro Se Productions as part of the Pulp Obscura imprint. Keep watching this space for more details as soon as they are available.

The New Adventures of Major Lacy and Amusement, Inc features stories by Bobby Nash, Jim Beard, R.P. Steeves, David White, Andrew Salmon, and Don Thomas.

My story, "House of Revenge" that kicks off this anthology of new adventures. When Tommy Hancock invited me to be part of this anthology, it came with a unique challenge. The original Major Lacy and Amusement, Inc. ended its run in All Detective's October 1933 issue with a story titled "House of Crime" by Theodore Tinsley.

Scarlet Ace
In "House of Crime", Major Lacy has a showdown with his recurring nemesis, a notorious crime boss known only as The Scarlet Ace. In this story, Lacy also met an alluring young woman named Zita. She was the first woman to slip past his defenses. At the stories conclusion, Lacy watched as Zita, who he discovered was the daughter of The Scarlet Ace, drive away in a taxi and ended on a... gasp!... cliffhanger.

Tommy requested that my story pick up that cliffhanger and run with it. And boy did I do just that. I won't give away any spoilers here, obviously, but the events of my tale help set the stage for the rest of the book, including causing a few rewrites along the way by some of the other authors in the volume.

This collection of stories is a lot of fun and I'm excited to announce that it will be available in the next few days.

Keep watching this page. As soon as the book is available, I will announce it here.

Happy Reading.



This is the actual wallpaper on my laptop computer.
I joined the author roundtable discussion on Sean Taylor’s blog this week. The topic is on writer’s motivations. Sean pulled together an impressive collection of writers this week, including Ashton Adams, Bill Craig, Erwin Roberts, H. David Blalock, John Neal, John White, Lee Houston Jr., Motivation, Ralph Angelo, and Bobby Nash.

You can read the full round table discussion here.

From the site:
What's My Motivation?
For this week's roundtable, let's talk motivation. Writers write, as the cliche goes, but why do they write? For money, for the sheer joy of it, to be famous? Anyone who lives the live of an author will tell you that sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint exactly why someone would choose to do this crazy, solitary line of work. But don't just take my word for it.

You can read the full roundtable discussion here.