Monday, May 31, 2010

Bobby's Con Carolinas/Deep South Con panel schedule

Here's my panel schedule for Con Carolinas/Deep South Con on June 4 - 6 in Charlotte, NC.

Friday 03:00 pm to 04:00 pm
Event Name: Building a Fan Base
Location: University Ballroom A - Programming 3
How to use publicity and the internet to build your readership and get famous!

PanelistsBobby Nash, Bruce Gehweiler, Dahlia Rose, Faith Hunter, Rich Sigfrit, Tally Johnson, Edmund R. Schubert

Friday 08:00 pm to 09:00 pm
Event Name: The State of the Comic Industry
Location: University Ballroom C - Art Room
What`s new, old and just plain overdone in the comic world?

PanelistsAlex Lee, Bobby Nash, Davey Beauchamp, Ben Beaumont
Saturday 09:00 am to 10:00 am

Event Name: I`ll Write It Tomorrow!
Location: University Ballroom A - Programming 3
How to keep a good writing work ethic. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can write today!

PanelistsBobby Nash, David B. Coe, Edward McKeown, Kalayna Price, Marcia Colette, Allen Wold
Saturday 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Event Name: I Need a Hero!
Location: University Ballroom A - Programming 3
Creating the perfect protagonist.

PanelistsAllen Wold, Bobby Nash, Dahlia Rose, Faith Hunter, James Maxey, Robert V Aldrich, Edmund R. Schubert

I hope to see you there.


R.O. sketch from TimeGate

Check out this rough sketch of R.O. I did at the TimeGate convention last weekend.
Sadly, I kind of screwed up the nose.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bobby's updated 2010 convention schedule

Bobby's 2010 convention schedule.
UPDATED May 24, 2010:

TimeGate on May 28 - 30, 2010 in Atlanta, GA.
Con Carolinas on June 4 - 6, 2010 in Charlotte, NC.
Sci Fi Summer on June 12, 2010 (appearing Saturday only) in Atlanta, GA.
Knoxville Comic and Anime Con on June 26 - 27, 2010 in Knoxville, TN.
The Atlanta Comic Convention on July 18, 2010 in Atlanta, GA.
The Charlotte Comicon on August 1, 2010 in Charlotte, NC.
Dragon Con on September 3 - 6, 2010 in Atlanta, GA.
The Charlotte Comicon on December 19, 2010 in Charlotte, NC.

Monday, May 17, 2010

R.O. sketch from Fanaticon

Check out this R.O. sketch I did at Fanaticon in Asheville, NC on May 15. The young lady also picked up a copy of my novel, Evil Ways, hence R.O.'s commentary in the sketch.

I love to sketch so if you see me at a show please don't hesitate to bring me your sketchbook.
Check out all of my photos from Fanaticon at


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blue Line Pro Sketch Card Event for Cancer 2010- is live!

Blue Line Pro Sketch Card Event for Cancer 2010- is live!

I donated sketch cards to the American Cancer Society Sketch Card eBay Auction spearheaded by SKETCH MAGAZINE editor Bill Nichols. Sketch cards from many artists can be found at very affordable prices and all for a very worthy cause.

My cards include colored pen and ink drawings of:

As of right now the bidding is low at $.99 on these one of a kind cards so go out there and bid for this worthy cause. Bidding ends May 22, 2010.

Thanks for your help.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


UPDATED May 11, 2010

Bobby Nash's 2010 signing and convention appearances:

Fanaticon on May 15, 2010 in Asheville, NC.

Imagicon on May 21 - 23, 2010 in Birmingham, AL.

NEW - TimeGate on May 28 - 30, 2010 in Atlanta, GA.

Con Carolinas on June 4 - 6, 2010 in Charlotte, NC.

Sci Fi Summer on June 12, 2010 (appearing Saturday only) in Atlanta, GA.

Knoxville Comic and Anime Con on June 26 - 27, 2010 in Knoxville, TN.

The Charlotte Comicon on August 1, 2010 in Charlotte, NC.

Dragon Con on September 3 - 6, 2010 in Atlanta, GA.

The Charlotte Comicon on December 19, 2010 in Charlotte, NC.

More to come. Hope to see you at the cons.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Shadow One returns!

Shadow One returns!

Written by yours truly with art by Blake Wilkie.

Check out part 1 at

About Shadow One: Fire And Ice

They are the United State’s most closely guarded secret. Soldiers and civilians alike, each with a unique talent, they take on the most top secret of assignments. From spying to infiltration and extraction, these operatives get the job done quickly and quietly. They have no squad name. In fact, most never meet.

What do all of these assets have in common?

Their boss. General Solomon Skalig.

Call sign: SHADOW ONE.


Fire and Ice.


The Arctic Circle heats up after a stealth bomber is shot down and Skalig’s men make a startling discovery that will change the future of military combat forever.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day sale! Evil Ways novel - $3.99 this weekend only!

Evil Ways novel sale - $3.99 this weekend only!

Do you or your Mom like to read? Then have we got the perfect Mother’s Day gift for you.
For Mother’s Day weekend (5/7 - 5/9) Evil Ways is on sale for the unbelievably low price of $3.99.

Normally, this thriller novel retails for $21.95.

That’s a $17.96 savings.

Click the link above to order.


About Evil Ways:

FBI Agent Harold Palmer needed a relaxing vacation. All he wanted was to travel to Sommersville, Georgia to visit his brother, newspaper publisher and reporter, Franklin Palmer.

He should have known better.

The graduating class of 1995 have returned to Sommersville for their ten year high school reunion, timed to coincide with the annual Sommersville Autumn Festival. Classmates coming from all over to reconnect, retell old stories, and have a great time reminiscing.

Not for Sheriff Tom Myers and his deputies, though. For them this is a logistical nightmare, but nothing they can’t handle.

Until the brutally murdered body of a woman is discovered.

Together with Sheriff Myers, the Palmer Brothers find themselves on the trail of a killer who preys on the fears of his victims. His targets are the unsuspecting members of the reunited class of ’95.

They should fear his EVIL WAYS.

Evil Ways will only be available in this format for one more year so time is running out.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am GooGol

It’s official. Information on my 3 book graphic novel deal with Point G Comics.
Check out for more information.

Press release

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Bobby Nash (for more information, click inside the dash) – – a writer of comic books, novels, graphic novels, and short stories.
Starting in September 2010 with our “I am GooGol” working title, Bobby Nash will deliver a first story arc in three issues to introduce you to the world of the GooGols (super heros), Gammas (agents) and Lambdas (citizen) . This ”exciting” collaboration is the opportunity to finally give you the name of our Comic Book artist, Rodrigo de Castro – an already acclaimed by our fans – young brazilian artist.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010 and Atlanta Comic Convention

For Free Comic Book Day this year 1, along with my brother, Wes, and my friend, Mike, decided to visit several comic book stores in our area. We had planned for nine stores, but were only able to make it to six. Here are the highlights.
Our first stop of the morning was at Galactic Quest Comics in Lawrenceville, Georgia.
The store opened early and the weather was nice, but overcast.
Crowds were pouring in when we arrived around 10:30 am.
Even The Spider-Mobile made an appearance.
Our second stop was Odin's Comics in Snellville, Georgia.
There were not as many events here, but a small and enthusiastic crowd.
Next up was The Dragon's Horde in Stone Mountain, Georgia. This was my first trip to this particular store. There was a capacity crowd here as well as creator signings and gaming tournaments.
Writer Robert Jeffrey was signing copies of his first story from Terminus Media. It was a great read.
A shot of the store's interior.
Next up was Criminal Records in Little Five Points.
The comic gods were watching out for us and we miraculously found an empty parking spot right outside the store. It's usually a hike. :)
Criminal had a nice crowd as well and also creator signings including Paul Jenkins, Georges Jeanty...
Urbnpop's Chris Hamer...
and more, including this talented gentleman whose name escapes me (my humblest apologies).
After a spot of lunch we made our way to Dr. No's Comics & Games in Marietta.
A bit of a ride, but well worth it. This was Mike's first visit and I think he enjoyed it. Mark Bagley was signing and sketching while we were there as well.
We ended our tour at the new locations of Odin's Comics original store.
No signage as yet since they just moved, but the new store looks great.

Here are the free comics I picked up this year. The books on the left were ones I purchased throughout the day.
There are some great comics offered this year. I hope you were able to grab some books for yourself.

On Sunday, May 2, I was a guest at the Atlanta Comic Convention. The shot below is the only photo I took because, as usual, I was busy talking with folks and forgot about the camera.
There was a nice crowd at the convention which featured guests like Stephanie Gladden, Jason Flowers, James Burns, Greg Carter, Mini Komix, Giraf Network, and many more.

That's allfor this weekend. I need a nice long nap now.

Bobby at the Atlanta Comic Convention today

I'll be a guest at the Atlanta Comic Convention today from 11am -5pm with Stephanie Gladden, Jason Flowers, Greg Carter, James Burns, & more.

Come on by and say hello. It'll be fun.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free Comic Book Day

And so it begins.

I'm heading out for my first Free Comic Book Day tour. We're hitting 9 local comic shops in the Metro Atlanta area. Go out and visit your local comic shop today.

Also, tomorrow is the Atlanta Comic Convention from 11 - 5. Hope to see you there.

Call 888-ComicBook to find a comic store near you!