Wednesday, April 24, 2019


I had a rather productive writing day today. I haven't had a whole lot of those of late so it was nice to get back into the swing of things. Going to push away from the laptop, watch a little TV to unwind, then call it a night. Sweet dreams. #amwriting


Saturday, April 20, 2019


It's always a great time when I visit with my buddies on the Earth Station One podcast. This week, I stopped by to talk all things Hellboy.

Give it a listen HERE.

The Earth Station One Podcast – Hellboy Movie Review
Listen up, ladies and gentlemen! Out there is a fifth-century sorceress who wants to bring down the curtain on London and the world. Time to unleash the big red beast with the mean right hook. Mike, Mike, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, and Brett Allan investigate the new entry in the Hellboy franchise. Plus, the Misbehavin’ Maidens tout their new album, “Swearing Is Caring.” All this, along with Ashley’s Box Office Buzz, Angela’s Geek Girl Take, Michelle’s Iconic Rock Moments, Kahn Report, and Shout Outs!

Earth Station One wants to hear from you. Please write us at Feedback is always welcome, and please subscribe and rate the show up on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, or wherever fine podcasts are found.

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Show Open
0:16:58 Ashley’s Box Office Buzz
0:19:14 Chat with the Misbehavin’Maidens About New Kickstarter
0:38:44 Hellboy Movie Review
1:22:42 A Geek Girl’s Take
1:26:54 The Khan Report
1:30:31 Show Close

Listen to The Earth Station One Podcast episode 468 – Hellboy Movie Review  HERE.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


I'm looking forward to visiting Warner Robins, GA on May 19th for Get Lit!!!! Come out and meet some great writers and pick up some good reading material.
We would like to welcome award winning author Bobby Nash to #GetLit2019.

Get Lit!!! on Sunday, May 19, 2019 (2 p.m. - 6 p.m.) in Warner Robbins, GA
The Purple Panda Arcade, 813 N Houston Rd Suite C, Warner Robins, GA 31093

Monday, April 15, 2019


The next thrilling chapter of SUICIDE BOMB goes live at midnight EST.

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I had a fairly productive day. I drew 4 pages of a comic book today, which is something I haven't done in over twenty years, at least. I also wrote the script for those four pages and worked on a chapter of the Secret Agent X novel. I also put together the dust jacket hardcover edition of Evil Ways to see how it looks. I ordered a proof copy. Looking forward to seeing it. This gets me one step closer to releasing Evil Intent this year.

I also had a great time talking Hellboy with my pals over at the Earth Station One podcast. Look for it to go live later this week.

After I post this, I still have to finish up this week's installment of Suicide Bomb and get it posted.

All in all, a rather productive day.

It was certainly much more productive than I was last week.



Now here's something I haven't done in a while. I wrote and pencilled (more like layouts, I'd say) a 4 page comic book story for an upcoming issue of a friend's comics. More details when I have them to share.


Sunday, April 14, 2019


I checked out the new Hellboy movie today and I found it enjoyable. 

The cast is really good. David Harbour does a good job bringing Red to life. I still don't love the long hair on him, but that's a minor quibble. I think he does a good job in the title role. You can never go wrong with hiring Ian Shane to play a bastard and he plays a caring bastard here and does it with his usual aplomb. I saw it with a friend and he said, "I knew I was in for a good ride when it starts off with Ian McShane narration and the third word he says is fuck." He's not wrong, McShane and Harbour have good chemistry. Milla Jovovich is good in her role, though it is pretty one note. I would have liked to see her have more to do. Baba Yaga, on the other hand, was damned creepy.

There are a lot of great scenes in this movie. What seems to be missing is a cohesive script pulling them all together. I felt like I watched more than one movie, which is because there are multiple comic stories adapted here with tenuous links tying them together. This movie needed a better story. It almost felt like binge-watching multiple episodes of a TV show that were the same series, but not the same story. Even as I write that, I kinda want to see a Hellboy TV show now. I think the character would probably work so much better in that format with smaller stories instead of world-ending apocalypse plots for each outing. That's where the books thrive and I think seeing Hellboy in smaller stories would work better. Your mileage may vary.

All in all, I enjoyed the movie. It had some fun moments and some head-scratcher moments. I will leave with this, and it's a bit of a spoiler, so apologies in advances, but I geeked out when Lobster Johnson appeared on screen, played by the always fun to watch, Thomas Haden Church. I would watch the hell out of a Lobster Johnson show, by the way. There are also 2 after credit scenes so stay until the very end. There's also a cool cameo appearance by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola in the movie. Don't blink at the wrong moment.

If you want to hear me, and others, discuss all things Hellboy, keep an eye out for the next episode of the Earth Station One podcast at later in the week We're recording it Monday night.


Saturday, April 13, 2019


Parts 3 & 4 of my Public Domain guest blog at author Adam Mitchell's site are live. Read them HERE.

Read Parts 1 and 2 HERE.

Thanks again for inviting me to be part of your site, Adam.



Big congrats to all involved with the Tales of the Interstellar Bartenders Guild, the winner of the Pulp Factory Award for Best Anthology tonight at the Windy City Pulp and Paper con. It was an honor to be part of this award-winning book that was published by Pro Se Productions.

Learn more about the Tales of the Interstellar Bartenders Guild book HERE.

From Pro Se Productions about the win: Tales of the Interstellar Bartenders Guild wins the Pulp Factory Award for Best Anthology! Congratulations to Pro Se Productions, all the writers, and especially Aubrey Stephens for creating the concept. And Stuart Bergman, the person who sparked the whole discussion that led to this book, you were remembered and you are missed, Shorty.

Congratulations to all involved.

Check out video of this year's Pulp Factory Awards live from the Windy City Pulp & Paper Con hosted by Ron Fortier and Rob Davis courtesy of Derrick Ferguson. You can watch the entire awards presentation HERE.


Thursday, April 11, 2019


The Nash News April email newsletter is going out to subscribers tonight. You too can sign up for the newsletter by visiting Never miss another update.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Big congratulations to my friend and Domino Lady partner in crime, Grandmaster Nancy Holder, on being named the recipient of the 2019 Faust Award. Well deserved, Nancy! Congratulations!


Not many women get to play in over ten different universes, let alone create several of their own. Yet that is exactly what Nancy Holder makes look so very—and deceptively—easy to her myriad and devoted fans.

Every year, the International Association of Media Tie-In writers selects a grandmaster of tie-in writing to receive the Faust, IAMTW’s lifetime achievement award. For 2019, it is the IAMTW’s great pleasure to present the Faust to Nancy Holder. Her tie-in work runs the gamut from Firefly to Saving Grace. She’s written Angel in the Buffyverse, and Zorro in the seventeenth century. She novelized the Wonder Woman, Crimson Peak, and Ghostbusters movies, and wrote about a Feline Felon, and a pup in Wishbone. Above and beyond her media work, she’s co-created the YA series Wicked and Crusade.

Of the Bram Stoker award-winning and NYT bestselling author, IAMTW president Jonathan Maberry says, “Nancy is not only a superb writer and a smart businesswoman, but also a kind and compassionate member of the writing community.”

The IAMTW congratulates Grandmaster Nancy Holder on receiving the 2019 Faust Award.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


The hunt continues! SUICIDE BOMB Chapter 22 is now live at
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WE LOVE READER REVIEWS! A Big Thank You to Darrell Grizzle for his kind words and 5 STAR review of SNOW FALLS on Audio.

"A fast-paced action novella that introduces us to Abraham Snow, a spy who tries to retire after recovering from an almost-fatal bullet shot – but circumstances (and his family) conspire to keep him from doing so. Snow’s grandfather Archer Snow is an amazing character! DragonCon fans will recognize the Atlanta hotel where most of the action takes place. Stuart Gauffi, the Audible narrator, has a great voice for this story. Highly recommended!"

Thanks again, Darrell!

Check out SNOW FALLS in audio, paperback, and ebook at
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PD Again...

Author, Adam Mitchell's website has been updated so here's a link to my posts on Public Domain parts 1 and 2 at the new, updated site. Find it HERE.

Parts 3 and 4 will post tomorrow.



Check out this FREE audio sample from SNOW DRIVE, narrated by Stuart Gauffi.

Nascar! Action! Thrills! Hitmen! Race cars! Crashes! Sabotage! Explosions! and More! This one's got it all! Abraham Snow is back behind the wheel and driving into danger in Snow Drive, the 3rd book in the popular SNOW series written by author Bobby Nash with audio narration by Stuart Gauffi.

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Monday, April 8, 2019


I remember seeing a trailer for an upcoming comic book movie. The trailer was played up for laughs, the comedy a bit silly for my taste. Then, I saw the movie and was blown away by it and it became one of my favorite movies of all time. That movie was Guardians of the Galaxy.

The trailer for Shazam played much the same or me. Too much emphasis on silly comedy that fell flat for me. Still, remembering that I have been fooled by trailers before, I went to see Shazam and... well, I was not blown away, but I came out having seen an okay movie.

There may be spoilers ahead. You've been warned.

I have read some Captain Marvel comics over the years, though I haven't read as much since DC Comics stopped being allowed to call him that. I am not as much of a fan of this character as say Captain America or Thor so I went in not really knowing more than the basics of the Shazam family history. Yes, I did geek out upon seeing Mr Mind, so there's that. It was cool seeing Mary Marvel as well, the only other member of the family I knew much about and who I actually like better than Billy's champion (who never actually gets a real code name in the movie).

I should probably point out that, even though I went in with an open mind, I am not the biggest fan of the actor playing "the champion" so that may color my opinion a bit. Nothing personal. I just haven't liked him in anything I've seen him in. He has some moments in this, but for the most part, I got nothing.

The action is good and the effects are on par with the other superhero movies out there, but there were no real surprises there. What really stands out for me int his movie is the family dynamic of the foster home and the relationship between the parents and their foster kids. All hands on deck, indeed. 3 stars for the family dynamic. I loved it. Well cast too.

What didn't really click for me is our hero. After 45 years of searching for someone pure of heart, the best the wizard's power could find was this kid who is rude, a smart ass, a thief, and as gets pointed out to him, a bit of a bully. Throughout the movie, my brain kept interrupting with thoughts of, "really? This guy is pure of heart?" And when he gets the power, he gets worse. Ugh. He also seems to get dumber int he adult body too, which is an odd choice, I thought. Admittedly, Billy does grow a bit in the course of the movie, but only a bit.

Mark Strong is a passable bad guy who doesn't resemble any Dr. Sivana I've see before, but that's okay. He's kind of a one note character at any rate, a pawn of the true villains of the movie.

All in all, I found the movie enjoyable. I'm sure I will watch it again at some point and perhaps multiple viewings will improve my rating. It's a fun, safe, family superhero movie.



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Saturday, April 6, 2019


Speed into adventure with SNOW DRIVE on audio!

Abraham Snow is back behind the wheel and driving into danger in Snow Drive, the 3rd book in the popular SNOW series written by author Bobby Nash with audio narration by Stuart Gauffi.

When the Chambers Racing team hires Snow Security Consulting to get to keep their people and equipment safe and to get to the bottom of whoever is trying to put them out of business and why, Archer Snow volunteers Abraham Snow and Big John Salmon as part of the pit crew. Can they keep the team's young hothead out of trouble long enough to stop the saboteur before the next race? Meanwhile, an old enemy sets her sights on Snow when a bounty is placed on his head.

SNOW DRIVE is available on audio at AudibleAmazon US, itunesAmazon CA, and Amazon UK.

Also available on Amazon in paperback and ebook. Read Snow Drive FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription today!


Published by BEN Books.

Thursday, April 4, 2019


A cool blast from the past. The first 'You Wrote Something... Now What?' panel in 2017 with my friends, and excellent writers, Nicole Kurtz and Robert Jeffrey at the Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo in 2017.

You can travel back in time and watch the panel HERE.