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Sometimes I Get Asked Stuff... a Question and Answer column where Bobby Nash answers reader questions.

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New Pulp Author's Mike Bullock, Barry Reese, and Bobby Nash used to get together once a week for Table Talk at Sadly, we don't do these any longer, but they were fun while they lasted.

From the Table Talk Introduction by Mike Bullock:
When you get two or more creators sitting behind a table at a signing or convention, when no one is around, they inevitably start talking shop. I've now done more signings and conventions than I can remember at once but the one thing they all have is times where I get to gab with other creators. Despite what anyone might think, this is the thing I love most about the events. Whether it's comparing a common love of some old character or examining the ins and outs of the latest news or talking about our creative processes, it's always an enjoyable conversation.

When I mentioned this one time to a non-creative friend, he replied "I bet a lot of people would love to hear those conversations."

In response to that, we dreamed up Table Talk, a semi-regular column where you can read conversations between New Pulp creators discussing things we love. Since just about every conversation starts out with a compelling question or statement, that's the format we'll follow here.

Each week (more or less) writers Mike Bullock, Barry Reese, and Bobby Nash discuss everything from writing issues to old pulps to action figures to Silver Age comics and New Pulp.

New Pulp’s Table Talk can be found at

Click on the link to join the discussion.

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