Tuesday, June 30, 2020


As a person who mails out books, I try to always make sure they are well protected so they arrive in the customer's hands in one piece. I wish more places took the same care.

On the right above is a package with 2 used paperbacks. The seller (Shattered Comics, who I gave an excellent review, BTW) packed it in bubble envelope and put it in a book box with do not bend stickers. The books are in perfect condition in the larger PO Box.

On the left is a brand new book from #Amazon. It was put in a bubble envelope with no protection, no do not bend, and so the local #USPS Post Office folded it in half and shoved it into my PO Box where it barely fit. Makes me wonder why they didn't put it in with the larger one as they arrived same day. Key was in my box first as the folded book pushed it against the door. I try to support the USPS as much as possible, but they don't make it easy.

At the end of the day it's just an annoyance, but it is one that could be prevented if Amazon and USPS would use just a modicum of common sense or yellow, care a little. Adding 1 small piece of cardboard would have done the trick.

End of rant.

These were the books delivered today. I'm hoping I can flatten the Miami Heist book (that my local #USPS folded in half because of #Amazon's horrendous packing) out by laying something heavy on it. The other books, delivered by Shattered Comics are in excellent condition. Thrilled to add them to my collection.

I am looking forward to diving into Van Allen Plexico's Miami Heist. I absolutely loved his Vegas Heist and I am excited to see what kind of caper Harper and Salsa get into this time. A highly recommended series.


Sunday, June 28, 2020


The Manhunt Concludes! And so ends "In The Wind" the first Patreon-exclusive BEN Books novella starring Sheriff Tom Myers and his deputies (last seen in Evil Ways and Deadly Games!), FBI Agent Tom McClellan (as seen in the Snow series), and U.S. Federal Marshal William Teague (who will also appear in the upcoming Evil Intent novel along with Sheriff Myers). You can enjoy the full story now at www.patreon.com/bobbynash

Look for IN THE WIND to be released this summer in paperback, ebook, and audio from BEN Books.

Bobby's next serialized novel will be Lance Star: Sky Ranger in LANCE STAR AND THE CROWN OF GENGHIS KAI! Coming soon to www.patreon.com/bobbynash

Saturday, June 27, 2020


I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has taken the time to write a review of my books after reading them. They mean a lot and are greatly appreciated. Know that I read them all and thank you for taking the time to do them. #grateful


Friday, June 26, 2020


It's the question on everyone's lips? Who killed Amazing Woman? 

When popular film and star if the international hit TV series, The New Adventures of Amazing Woman, Miranda Shake is is killed, all signs point to suicide. Abraham Snow is convinced she was murdered and sets out to prove it. Can Snow solve the murder before his friend's legacy is turned upside down? 

Find out in SNOW STAR, the latest action/thriller from BEN Books and award-winning Author Bobby Nash. Get your copy today at the following retailers:
BEN Books Store (autographed paperback)
Amazon US (paperback)
Amazon CA (paperback)
Amazon UK (paperback)
Amazon US (ebook)
Amazon CA (ebook)
Amazon UK (ebook)
Amazon DE (Kindle)
Amazon FR (Kindle)
Amazon ES (Kindle)
Amazon IT (Kindle)
Amazon NL (Kindle)
Amazon JP (Kindle)
Amazon BR (Kindle)
Amazon MX (Kindle)
Amazon AU (Kindle)
Amazon IN (Kindle)
The audio book narrated by Stuart Gauffi is completed and coming soon.

You can read SNOW STAR for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.You can read and/or watch the author read the opening chapter on YouTube.

Snow Star cover art by Dennis Calero
Amazing Woman design and ad by Jeffrey Hayes of PlasmaFire Graphics.

Keep up with all of the latest SNOW news at www.abrahamsnow.com
Stay up to date on BEN Books releases at www.ben-books.com
Follow author Bobby Nash at www.bobbynash.com and across social media.


Big thanks to Joe, Dan, John, and Lou for having me on Stupid O'clock's Thursday Night Hang out and Chat LIVE! That was a lot of fun!

If you missed it live, watch it HERE!


And now, this commercial break... #SnowDay Mug Sale!

It's #TheSummerofSnow #SnowDay 40% off Mug Sale!
Mugs are on sale at 40% off in my Zazzle #SnowStore!
You can find it HERE!

Use code WEEKNDTREATS at checkout to save 40%!


Wednesday, June 24, 2020


I was interviewed by Laura Dragonchild at The Magic Book Corner. You can read A Heart to Heart interview with Bobby Nash. You can read it HERE.

Also, check out The Magic Book Corners reviews of my novels, Suicide Bomb HERE and Evil Ways HERE.

Thanks again, Laura.


Tuesday, June 23, 2020


I had a great conversation with amazing artist, Jeffrey Hayes about Snow and he showed me a new cover we will be unveiling soon. I tell you, I love it and can't wait to share it soon. For now, you'll have to settle for this tease. Remember, in #TheSummerofSnow it's always a #SnowDay!

Meet SNOW at www.abrahamsnow.com


Sunday, June 21, 2020


I was a guest on the UK's Chat and Spin Radio's The Weekend Show LIVE yesterday with host Ron Clark. We primarily talked about Snow and Suicide Bomb. The episode is now available on-line in case you missed it live. Give it a listen HERE. I will be returning in August for a longer interview.

Thanks again, Ron and Ian. That was fun.

About Chat And Spin Radio:
Chat And Spin Radio are an Internet Radio Station based in the UK. We Broadcast to half a million UK & International Listeners per week 24/7. We are on www.chatandspinradio.com We are looking for Book Authors, Writers, Artists, Illustrators, Businesses & Charities to come on the Radio Station over the Phone or by Skype / Facebook FREE PUBLICITY PROMOTION to get out to our Listeners while on Lockdown. Please email IAN JOHNSON on chatandspin@gmail.com for more information.

Saturday, June 20, 2020


I love to draw so it's always fun when someone orders a commission or purchases something direct from me at BEN Books because that means I get to doodle on the envelopes. Here's a recent example.

The Spider-Woman image was a sketch piece included in the Bobby's Big Box 'O Books promotion going on HERE. When it came time to doodle on the outside, I figured with a spider on the inside, why not have another spider on the outside.

Want your own envelope art? All you have to do is purchase a book, Bobby's Big Box 'O Books promotion, or a commission and I will doodle on your package. Check out past art at www.bobbynash.com under the art tab.

You can learn more about Bobby's Big Box 'O Books HERE.
I also do stand-alone commissions too. If you're interested, just ask.


Commission sketch I did featuring one of my favorite wall-crawlers, #SpiderWoman. I have attempted to draw Jessica Drew's alter ego a few times without success, but I rather like how this one turned out.

Sent out a package with a #SpiderWoman commission inside, I figured another wall-crawler on the outside seemed apropos ergo #Spiderman.

Thursday, June 18, 2020


In #TheSummerofSnow it's always a #SnowDay!
Enjoy this excerpt from SNOW FALLS by Bobby Nash

Abraham Snow knew he was about to die--

--and the thought of it pissed him off to no end.

Everything had been going according to plan.

Before it all went to hell, everything was moving forward as laid out. The meet was set. All of the details had been checked and rechecked. Every i had been dotted, every t crossed. It had taken him years to get this far inside, but he was finally getting a face to face with Miguel Ortega. The man was a ghost, a legend. Ortega was a phantom that law enforcement operatives all over the world had been chasing for decades. No one had even come close to catching the elusive Miguel Ortega despite the fact that he was rumored to have his hands in everything from the drug trade to arms dealings and human trafficking to murder for hire. There was a good reason for this, however, and Agent Snow was one of a select few people alive that knew the truth.

Miguel Ortega was an alias.

It was a code name frequently used by less than reputable men and women who preferred to remain anonymous while keeping their questionable business dealings close to the vest. This alias provided the Ortega’s of the world with a sense of security. Snow had finally made it past the middlemen and low-level goons inside the organization belonging to the Miguel Ortega he was after.

That’s how Abraham Snow, in his alias as James Shepperd, found himself standing on the blisteringly hot tarmac of a tiny smuggler’s airfield in the middle of a South American jungle in a suit, sans tie, standing next to a beautiful woman named Daniella Cordoza. She was Ortega’s right hand and was as dangerous as she was alluring in her formfitting custom dress.
They both stood out of place against the jungle backdrop.
Snow didn’t trust her, but he needed Cordoza to get to her employer.

One minute everything was going according to plan.

The next-- well, the next minute was not so good. Time moved as though it was trapped in amber. The man in the white suit was all smiles as they walked to meet one another across the airstrip’s tarmac. Snow was finally getting his face to face. It was the first step in the final chapter of his undercover operation.

“Agent Snow.” the man said once he was within earshot.

It took half a second to realize what he had said. Snow did a double take. Ortega had called him by his real name,

Abraham Snow, not the James Shepperd alias he had been working under the past eighteen months. How the hell does he know my name?

“I think you’ve got me mixed up with someone else, Mr. Ortega. My name is…” Snow started, but it was no use. He could tell by the man’s demeanor that there would be no fast-talking his way out of this one.

His cover was blown.

Somehow, someway, someone had sold him out. The list of possible rats was small. Only a handful of people knew his true identity and most of them he had known and trusted for years. His mind raced through the possible scenarios-- a leak inside the Pentagon or the CIA, a compromised asset, or a mistake he’d made himself, a slip up that had given him away. Each of these played across his mind in less time than it took to realize how deep in the shit he was at that moment.

He was all alone.

There was no backup close by, no one to swoop in and save the day.

Snow reached for the gun tucked into his belt behind his back.

Ortega moved faster.

Still smiling, he pulled the Glock-30 from a shoulder holster and squeezed the trigger.

Snow felt the first impact, but it wasn’t until the second that he realized he had been shot. The next thing he knew, he was knocked off his feet, flying backward through the air. Snow dropped to the asphalt, unmoving, blood leaking out of two very large holes in his body. A tingling sensation in his extremities told him that the blood loss was substantial.
Despite the humid clime, he felt a chill run through him.

He was dying.

Ortega had only fired three shots. The first clipped Agent Snow’s arm, spinning him around. The second missed completely. The third hit its mark, center mass.

Snow stared up into a brilliant blue sky punctuated with a few fluffy white clouds as blood pooled beneath him. Above him, Ortega and his companion stood and looked down at him. He was smiling, but she wasn’t. That surprised him. Although they had been intimate with one another, neither of them had pretended it was anything more than a physical convenience. For him, she had simply been another asset to get him closer to his target.

Mission accomplished.

He had found Ortega.

Surprisingly, he didn’t finish the job. After a moment, Miguel Ortega shook his head, turned and walked away, out of Snow’s line of sight, presumably back to his plane. Daniella Cordoza stayed a moment longer and he thought he saw sadness in her eyes, although he couldn’t be sure of anything as he lay there gasping for air.

And then she was gone.

He assumed she had a plane to catch.

Snow’s vision grayed around the edges as he struggled to catch his breath. Then, surprisingly, followed the sensation of flight, as if gravity no longer held sway over him. Trees and clouds flashed past his vision at dizzying speeds until gravity reasserted itself and he crashed back to Earth.

And just like that it was all over.

All that remained was darkness--

--and pain.

To be continued in SNOW FALLS!

Learn more about the SNOW series at www.abrahamsnow.com
Written by Bobby Nash.
Published by BEN Books.

The SNOW series is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lulu, Books-A-Million, Audible, and more. SNOW is available in selected hardcover, paperback, ebook, and audio. You can read SNOW’s adventures for FREE if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.

It all starts with Snow Falls and continues in Snow Storm, Snow Drive, Snow Trapped, Snow Star, and Paul Bishop Presents: Disorderly Conduct featuring Snow Flies. Snow Series 1, Vol. 1. collects the first 3 stories in one volume. Abraham Snow returns in 2020 with Snow Down, and Snow Series 1, Vol. 2 (collecting books 4 - 6 in a single volume), and more on the horizon. Keep watching www.abrahamsnow.com for more details.

Paul Bishop Presents: Disorderly Conduct (featuring Snow Flies)
SNOW Series 1, Vol. 1

Check out SNOW's audio adventures on Audible!
Snow Falls
Snow Storm
Snow Drive
Snow Trapped
SNOW Series 1, Vol. 1

Snow Star audio coming soon.
Written by Bobby Nash
Narrated by Stuart Gauffi

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A Big Thank You to The Magic Book Corner for their kind words and amazing 5 STAR review of my novel, EVIL WAYS. You can read the full review below or at http://themagicbookcorner.com soon. Evil Ways is available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. You can read Evil Ways for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. An audio book version of Evil Ways is coming soon. EVIL INTENT, a new thriller starring FBI Special Agent Harold Palmer is coming soon. Published by BEN Books

Thanks again, Bookdragon!

It's Wednesday today! Which means this Bookdragon is over at World Indie Warriors.
For #TheMagicBookCornersWednesdayatWIW🐉📚🐉
And today I'm bringing you another great book! Another cool mystery/suspense that will keep you glued to the pages!
🔥EVIL WAYS by Bobby Nash - Book Review .
This gets 5 chilling stars from me
. ◾A chilling mystery, great suspense and a good load of action. This book has it all!
◾All FBI Agent Harold Palmer wants is a relaxing vacation. So he decides to travel to Sommersville, Georgia to visit his brother, newspaper publisher and reporter, Franklin Palmer.
◾What Agent Palmer gets instead is a brutal murder and a killer who preys on the fears of his victims. And despite the fact he went there to relax, our Harold jumps straight into the investigation. But the body count keeps rising with each murder grislier than the one before - and the targets are all unsuspecting members of a high school reunion.
◾Fast paced and full of twists and turns, Evil Ways delivers a chilling mystery that will keep the reader hooked and turning pages till the very end.
The scenario of a fun and rowdy high school reunion gone awry is perfectly described in Nash's characteristic vividly descriptive and cinematic manner. The kind that will enable you to see the scenes unfolding before your very eyes.
◾This is my second book by this author and it will definitely not be the last. It's gritty and real and one hell of a ride.
◾And I highly recommend it to all suspense/mystery fans out there.

#themagicbookcorner #bookreviewsofinstagram #Bookreviewersofinstagram #bobbynash #evilways #mysterythrillerbooks #mysterysuspense #mysterybooks #suspensebooks #bookreviewer #Bookstagrammer #booksofinstagram #indieauthorsupporter #murdermysterybooks #murdermystery

Tuesday, June 16, 2020


In The Wind, the first book in the Sheriff Tom Myers series goes on sale in July from BEN Books.

IN THE WIND - A SHERIFF TOM MYERS MYSTERY: A secret federal safe house in Sommersville, Georgia is hit and a federal witness flees custody. The authorities descend on the county in search of their prize witness. They are convinced he is hiding out in the wilds of Sommersville. Can local sheriff, Tom Myers find him and bring him in before hired killers do? 

Coming July 2020.
Written by Bobby Nash
Published by BEN Books

You can read "In The Wind" now if you subscribe to the official Bobby Nash/BEN Books Patreon where it has been running as a serialized novella. www.patreon.com/bobbynash


The Manhunt Continues... A missing witness. Time is running out and the bad guys are closing in. Bates Hewell has fled into undeveloped Sommersville County with Tyson Monroe in pursuit. It's rough, rocky, treacherous terrain. Can Sheriff Tom Myers and his deputies find the witness in time or will he become another statistic floating at the bottom of Potter's Ravine? Check out the penultimate chapter of "In The Wind" now on Patreon! www.patreon.com/bobbynash Only one chapter to go.

Sheriff Tom Myers (Evil WaysDeadly Games!) returns in his first solo story called "In The Wind" a Patreon-exclusive serialized novel by award-winning author Bobby Nash. Soon to be published by BEN Books. Available now at www.patreon.com/bobbynash

In The Wind also features characters from the Snow series and the upcoming Evil Intent.


Monday, June 15, 2020


I answered 5 Questions With... at New Pulp Heroes!

This week, New Pulp Heroes sat down with one of New Pulp's most prolific authors, Bobby Nash. Check out what he had to say in the latest, 5 Questions With...


The Scribe Award nominations have been announced and I am honored to share that my "The Girl's Best Friend Matter" story has been nominated in the Short Story category. This is my first Scribe nomination. I'm thrilled to be in such good company. Congratulations to all the nominees. Good luck. 

The Scribe Awards are presented by members of The International Association of Media Tie-In Writers. The press announcement is below.

We are delighted to announce the nominees for the SCRIBE AWARDS, presented every year by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers.
Winners will be announced on July 15! Congratulations to all nominees! It was a very good year for Media Tie-in writing!

Alita: Battle Angel by Pat Cadigan
Batman: The Killing Joke by Christa Faust and Gary Phillips
Doctor Who: Scratch Man by Tom Baker
Godzilla: King of the Monsters by Greg Keyes

Diary of River Song – Concealed Weapon by Scott Handcock
Doctor Who – Companion Chronicles – Daybreak by John Pritchard
Doctor Who – 10 Doctor Adventures – The Creeping Death by Roy Gill
Torchwood – Sargasso by Christopher Cooper
Warhammer – Watcher in the Rain by Alex Worley

Blade Runner 2019: Los Angeles (Michael Green and Mike Johnson)
Doctor who—the Thirteenth Doctor: Old Friends (Jody Houser)
Pet Noir (Anne Toole/Christie Tant/Pati Nagle)
Star Trek—Year Five: Valentine’s Day Special (Paul Cornell)
The Wrath of Fantomas (Olivier Bouquet)

The Bitterest Pill - Reed Farrel Coleman
Murder, My Love - Max Allan Collins
Murder, She Wrote: A Taste For Murder - John Land

Batman, The Court of Owls by Greg Cox
Firefly, The Magnificent Nine by James Lovegrove
Star Trek TNG, Collateral Damage by David Mack
Star Trek Discovery, The Enterprise War by John Jackson Miller
Star Wars: Galaxy Edge, Black Spire by Delilah S. Dawson
Warhammer, The Red Feast by Gav Thorpe

Cookie by Shance Lacy Hensley
Cutter & Razz by Chris A. Jackson
The Girl’s Best Friend Matter by Bobby Nash
Pure History by George Ivanoff
The Queen Slayer by Jean Rabe

Battletech: Rogue Academy - Iron Dawn by Jennifer Brozek
Halo: Battle Born by Cassandra Rose Clarke
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Midnight People by John Peel
Warhammer Adventures: Attack of the Necron by Cavan Scott
Warhammer Adventures: City of Lifestone by Tom Huddleston

-Jonathan Maberry, President IAMTW
-D.S. Stevenson, Vice-president

Sunday, June 14, 2020


I was challenged on social media to name 10 TV shows that came out *before* THE SOPRANOS premiered (which, for the record, was January 10, 1999), and left an indelible mark on me. I was challenged by my friend, Simone Guglielmini on social media. I pass this challenge on to whoever wants to do it.

Not sure why The Sopranos was the mark, but here are the shows I came up with and why they are so important to me.


Magnum p.i. is the epitome of what a detective show should be. It contains a nice mix of action, adventure, and mystery, but at it's core, this TV series is about the characters. Thomas, T.C., Rick, and Higgins (not to mention the regular and recurring guests) were well-fleshed out characters and I felt that their interactions, their dialogue, and their situations felt completely real and believable. This show taught me about creating believable characters. The characters in my Snow series owe a lot to the template this show created. There's a lot of Thomas Magnum in the character of Abraham Snow.

Jim Rockford is the quintessential every man p.i. Unlike other detectives who brought unique skills to the job (ala Magnum's Naval Intelligence/soldier experience), Jim Rockford is a just a guy. He's a smart guy, certainly, but more often than not he used his wits to outsmart the bad guys. He also knew how to take a punch. This was the first time I believed that a guy like me could do a job like this. There's a lot of Jim Rockford in my character, Abraham Snow.

This is my favorite Star Trek series. Each iteration of Star Trek shows us a different side of life in the Federation and Starfleet. The original series showed us exploration, the movies were more often than not about saving the world, The Next Generation was about life post conflict (it's amazing how many times they mention a previous war/battle/struggle) and living in space. Deep Space Nine shows us just what happens when Starfleet and The Federation go to war. From taking over a remote battle-weary region (similar to M*A*S*H's set up), Starfleet works to rebuild post-invasion Bajor only to find themselves facing conflicts with neighbors and a bigger threat that the quadrant has ever had to face.

With all that said, DS9 is about hope. How can our characters hold true to the ideals of the Federation in the face of an uncertain future and conflicts on all sides. Unlike the characters on the previous shows, and Voyager, which started around DS9's 3rd season, the characters on DS9 are not always perfect. They make mistakes and there are consequences. Secondary characters become important players and the stakes continue to rage even as the war heats up. From start to finish, this is Star Trek at it's finest. I learned a lot about how to tell a story from this series. Absolutely amazing show.

The ultimate sitcom for me. I loved the irreverent nature of the storytelling and the slapstick humor mixed together with a lot of heart and big laughs. This show not only hopped across the line from bust out loud cartoony comedy to serious themes, but it often erased that line and told stories that were uniquely Night Court. I learned a lot about working in strong themes to lighter material without being preachy while remaining fun.

Much has been said about Star Trek over the decades and those accolades are well deserved. This show told stories featuring hard-hitting topics wrapped in the colorful trappings of a "kids" science fiction television series. This was the first show I remember being a "fan" of as a kid. It aired after I got home from school. I would watch and then pretend to be part of the Enterprise's crew when my mom ushered me outside to play. I credit this show with kickstarting my imagination, something that stuck with me and helps me as a writer today. These characters also taught me a good deal about teamwork, friendship, and offering a helping hand where needed. IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) is something we could all learn even today. Especially today.

Fans of binge watching and serialized seasons owes a lot to Babylon 5. In an era where TV was very episodic, this was one of the first night time dramas to be serialized. It was a big risk, but one that paid off as the creators told one story over five seasons, most written by the show's creator to boot. To this day, I will put seasons 3 and 4 up against any other television season. It's that good. This show taught me storytelling and perseverance. Faith manages.

MacGyver taught me that science could be cool. Not only was Mac an action hero, but he was an every man and a science nerd. That was a combination I had not seen on TV before. This show made being smart sexy. Not always an easy feat. Like Rockford before it, MacGyver also showed that a character can have solo adventures. This seems to be a lost art in today's TV landscape. All shows are team based, even the remake on MacGyver. There's a lot of Mac in my character, Abraham Snow.

There have been many versions of Batman over the years, but this still remains MY version of Batman. Kevin Conroy IS Batman. When I read a Batman story, it is his voice I hear as the character. The same is true of his arch enemy, The Joker. Mark Hamill IS The Joker to me. In addition, this series showed me that you can tell super-hero stories that don't have to devolve into silly plots or talk down to their audience. This story works for all ages, which makes it imminently rewatchable.

Where Night Court was cartoonish, Married... With Children went full-bore cartoon. On the face of it, there's nothing redeeming about the Bundy clan, but they are always together. Despite their protests of how much they dislike one another, the Bundy family is just that, a family that looks out for one another whether they like it or not. Disfunctional? You bet. Criminal? Definitely. Hilarious? Absolutely.

The king of the dramedy. How do you make a show about war funny? They managed. M*A*S*H was a show that broke all the molds. At times hilarious only to be deadly serious moments later. This series was life, love, death, and hope all rolled into one. M*A*S*H is timeless. I can still watch it today and it feels as fresh and new as it must have when it originally aired. Snappy writing, great characters, and a storytelling style that was, at the time, uniquely its own. As a storyteller, this show taught me to put my characters through hell and have them come out the other side changed, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. It's a lesson the writer in me learned well.

Friday, June 12, 2020


BEN Audio is proud to announce that author Bobby Nash’s sci-fi novel, EARTHSTRIKE AGENDA is now available on audio at Audible and Amazon. Narrated by Cecilia Laughlin, Earthstrike Agenda tells the story of humanity’s fight to reclaim their future from an enemy hellbent on their destruction. With Earth the last hope of refuge, the planet becomes the ultimate prize. 

Earthstrike Agenda is available on audio at Audible and Amazon

Earthstrike Agenda is also available in paperback and ebook. You can read it FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Hardcover coming soon. 

Earthstrike Agenda Whoever controls Earth... wins. 
Written by Bobby Nash
Narrated by Cecilia Laughlin
Published by BEN Books.

Thursday, June 11, 2020


You can just catch the briefest glimpse of me in the new Doom Patrol season 2 trailer. You can see it below or watch it HERE.

That's me wearing the red feather boa and George R.R. Martin hat. Robot Man kept referring to me as Disco George R.R. Martin on set.

Don't blink.

This was a fun set and I had a blast working with everyone. The mansion is gorgeous.



WE LOVE READER REVIEWS! Big Snowy Thanks to author J. Walt Layne for his kind words and 5 STAR review of SNOW TRAPPED, the fourth book in the Abraham Snow series.

"This series rocks! Abraham Snow's biggest adventure yet. This entire series is amazing. I have loved all four volumes. Non stop action and adventure. Excellent series. Bobby Nash delivers."

Thanks again, Walt. Much appreciated. Reviews are like gold and we love reading them. Read more reviews and learn more about SNOW TRAPPED here. Available in paperback, ebook, and audio. Hardcover edition (Snow Series 1, Vol. 2) coming soon.

Learn more about SNOW here.
Written by Bobby Nash.
Published by BEN Books.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020


The Magic Book Corner’s Laura Dragonchild posted a wonderful review of my novel, SUICIDE BOMB on her site and at World Indie Warriors where she gave it 5 STARS and said some incredibly nice things about the novel. You can read the review below as well as HERE and HERE. 

Suicide Bomb is available in paperback and ebook. You can read Suicide Bomb for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Look for Suicide Bomb in hardcover and audio book soon. Published by BEN Books.


It's Wednesday Bookdragons! And by now you know the drill. This Magic Book Corner is over at World Indie Warriors. And I'm bringing you today a top-notch thriller. 

Suicide Bomb by Bobby Nash. 

This gets 5 chilling stars from me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

You know those good detective movies that keep you glued to the screen? Those that you get so lost in, that you even forget the yummy popcorn in the bowl you snuggled with? 

This book is one of them. 

Suicide Bomb is an absolute page turner. Fast paced, gripping and addictive, this is one of those thrillers that you simply can't stop reading. 

The Controller is a ghost. One with the power to turn anyone into his personal assassin. He has perfected the ability to turn ordinary men, women, and even children into the ultimate killers, Suicide Bombs who self-destruct after carrying out their deadly tasks. 

Washington DC Metro homicide detectives Catherine (Jacks) Jackson and Melvin Carter team up with disgraced Secret Service Agent Samantha Patterson to solve a rash of mysterious murder/suicides that put them on The Controller’s trail and directly in the killer’s crosshairs. 

The murder/suicides are creepy to say the least. To be completely honest, they're more like something out of a horror movie. And the detectives' first instinct screams: Psycho! Because these crimes are quite a bit bloodier than the average garden variety nutjobs out there. 

But The Controller likes to play and the detectives soon discover this particular nutjob is as vicious and crazy as it gets. And he's got his sights set very high. 

With the adversary chosen, because every game-master needs a worthy opponent,The Controller turns up the heat and takes the game to the next level, setting the agents on a wild race against time to which he sets both pace and tone. 

In Suicide Bomb, Bobby Nash gives us a top notch thriller with vividly gory crime scenes and fabulous characters. I loved the dynamic between characters, just as much as the characters themselves. And don't even let me get started on the suspense, because that is awesome!! 

If you're on the look out for a great thriller, give this page turner a try. 

You won't regret it! 


You can also read the review herehere, and here.

Thanks again, Laura. I’m glad you liked the book. I appreciate the review. 


Learn more about Laura Dragonchild HERE
Visit World Indie Authors HERE

Suicide Bomb is available in paperback and ebook. You can read Suicide Bomb for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Look for Suicide Bomb in hardcover and audio book soon. 
Written by Bobby Nash.  
Published by BEN Books.

Monday, June 8, 2020


A big thank you to Joe Compton for having me on as his guest for the first episode of Goindienow's newest show, 21 Grams. I had an amazing time talking and taking questions LIVE. It was a fun time. For those who may have missed it live, fear not for you can watch 21 Grams season 1, episode 1 HERE