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It's time for a trip down memory lane.

I was asked about FANTASTIX the other day so I thought I would share some information about it for those who are not familiar with it. It wasn't around long so there are a few fans of my work were surprised to discover that I had written a graphic novel called Fantastix: Code Red and a novel called Fantastix that told the same story, but expanded on it. The novel was published in March of 2006, making it my 2nd published novel. The graphic novel was released in 2009. I learned a lot working on these, most of it was good, some less so, but it's sad they are no longer in print. This was a work-for-hire gig so I don't own the characters and have no say over their fate. Maybe one day the property owner will re-release them. Maybe not.


Novel cover art
by Ryan Drake
A novel by Bobby Nash

Where were you when it happened?

Dominus, the world’s greatest super hero has been murdered. His body left on a battle damaged New York City street for all to see, the media descends on the crime scene, transmitting the grisly images across the globe. Within a matter of hours the entire world bears witness to the gruesome murder.

It is a message for all those who dare oppose Haven.

Message received.

NYPD Homicide Detective Robert Bettina draws the case. Pressured from above to solve the case quickly, Detective Bettina begins his investigation at the morgue where the autopsy of Dominus is underway. The question plaguing the detective and the medical examiner is a tough one. How do you cut open an indestructible body?

Former super hero, Rob Temple, on the run with his new friend Max, whom he nicknames Mouse, arrive in Mongomerey, Alabama. Like most meta humans, people born with special powers and abilities, they are being hunted by Haven, an international criminal organization bent on eradicating those metas who could potentially stand between them and their goals.

Also arriving in Montgomerey is a small team of meta humans. They are searching for something and someone. Soon, they end up on Rob and Mouse’s trail.

Haven agents are already in Montgomerey.

Meanwhile, the world holds its collective breath wondering what is going to happen next.

novel back cover
Together, these elements make up the fabric of FANTASTIX: CODE RED (Originally released March 2006), a taught, suspense thriller from author Bobby Nash (Evil Ways). The novel introduces readers to the world of super powers, the project that inadvertently created them, and the organization that takes advantage of their addiction to the synthetic enzyme commonly referred to as Fantastix.
FANTASTIX: CODE RED delves deeply into the history of Project Code Red, the creation of Haven, the introduction of meta humans into an unsuspecting world, and Haven’s plans for the future of that world.

A world under Haven’s control.

FANTASTIX: CODE RED is the story of Rob Temple, former super hero turned drifter. Does he still have what it takes to be a hero?

FANTASTIX: CODE RED is the story of Mouse, a meta human speedster on the cusp of addiction. Can he beat the addiction that all other meta humans cannot?

FANTASTIX: CODE RED is the story of Lore, Frisk, Kracklin; freedom fighters determined to save as many of their brothers and sisters from Haven with the aid of their mysterious Benefactor, a man with a connection to Project Code Red. Can they succeed against such overwhelming odds?

FANTASTIX: CODE RED is the story of Nelson Coble and Raymond Raibley, two CIA agents caught up in Code Red during the 1960’s. How do they fit into Haven’s current plans?

FANTASTIX: CODE RED is a story about heroes and their destiny.

As FANTASTIX: CODE RED builds to its startling climax, all of these questions will be answered as the fate of the future hangs in the balance. Who will be left standing when the dust clears?

What will happen next?

cover art sketch
by Ryan Drake

Project Code Red is launched with the goal of creating super spies designed to protect the United States and her citizens. It fails. Instead of perfect agents, Project Code Red inadvertently unleashes a chain reaction that leads to the formation of a race of super humans. A race addicted to the designer drug originally given to their parents and grandparents.


Haven, a vast criminal organization bent on world domination is born.

The world’s greatest super hero is dead. As the world mourns the loss of Dominus, NYPD Homicide Detective Robert Bettina draws the assignment. He’s ordered to solve the case quickly.

On the run, former super hero and Fantastix addict, Rob Temple stumbles onto a Haven plot that catapults him into a cat and mouse game where the stakes are life and death, not just his, but for the others like him.

Haven has declared that all meta-humans must die.

graphic novel cover
art by Erick Marquez
A graphic novel by Creator/Editor: Jason S. Powell - Art By: Daniele Serra - Written By: Bobby Nash - Cover Art By: Erick Marquez - Back Cover Art By: Ryan Drake - Lettering By: Percival Constantine - Logo Design By: Rodney Roberts.

Based on the novel, FANTASTIX: CODE RED by Bobby Nash.

Rob Temple is a meta human on the run with his teenage sidekick Mouse. However the Government and a dark being known as "The Creator" have other plans in mind for him. Rob is the key to a future of their creation and, if he doesn't escape, all mankind will end up slaves. But Rob has bigger problem; an addiction to a new age drug called " Fantastix " or "FX!" which not only controls his powers but also his very life. So Rob is an addict on the run and out of luck, and now he has to fight. Welcome to the world of "FANTASTIX"!

In a world much like our own; meta humans fight for their very being against other meta humans, the Government, and their bodies because of a new age drug they are born addicted too called Fantastix or FX! Welcomed to the world of "FANTASTIX"!

Here are the first 7 pages of the graphic novel that were used to preview the book. Click on images for a larger view.





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