Wednesday, December 9, 2015


The email that made Bobby's head explode.  :)

Okay, I don't geek out often, but when I do it's because of cool stuff like this.

Mark Hamill as The Trickster
So, I'm loving the CW series, The Flash. It's a fantastic show and loads of fun. Last season, Mark Hamill, you might know him as Luke Freakin' Skywalker!, reprised his role as The Trickster from the 1990's Flash TV series. On last night's episode, The Trickster returned and ark Hamill stole the show and chewed quite a bit of scenery too. It was a great episode and afterward, I posted the above note of appreciation for the episode and Mark's portrayal in particular.

Then I woke up to a message stating that Mark had liked the post, which kind of geeked me out just a bit, something that doesn't happen to me too often. I've been a fan since I first saw Star Wars back in 1977 (yes, I'm that old) and also absolutely love his portrayal of The Joker in various Batman shows, movies, and games. And then there's the video below, which you've probably seen if you've visited here before, is one of my Favorite. Things. Ever.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with the handful of you who stop by the site. It truly made my day.


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