Monday, May 16, 2016


Please keep sending in your Sherlock selfies!

I visited a few shops over the last several days. Some had Sherlock Holmes/Domino Lady on hand. Others did not. Here are a few shout outs I'd like to share!

I popped into Titan Comics Duluth and look what I found. I was so excited to see a copy. This was the first one I saw.

A big shout out to Domino Lady fan, Ray Riethmeier who found a copy of the Sherlock Holmes & Domino Lady trade at The Source Comics & Games! Thanks, Ray. NOTE: so far, Ray is the only person to actually send in a Sherlock Selfie so unless others send their in, Ray will be our contest winner.

A big shout out to my pal, Sean Taylor, writer and manager at Galactic Quest Buford, for stocking the Sherlock Holmes/Domino Lady trade. You rock, bro!

I grabbed lunch at My Parent's Basement with my friend, Mike on Sunday. I was excited to see a copy on their shelf as well. Too cool!

Want to give your local comic shop or bookstore a shout out?

Take a photo of the Sherlock Holmes/Domino Lady trade at your local store and send it to me through social media or to and I will share it on my social media pages as well as on this website with a shout out to your store. You can also be in the photo if you want and I'll happily shout out to you as well. Store owners, you can play too. If you buy a copy on-line, you can send a selfie of you holding the book. That counts.

After a few weeks, once everyone has had a chance to get to the comic shop and snap their selfies with the book, I'll toss all the names of those who sent in a photo and shout out into a bucket and draw the lucky winner. Not sure exactly what I'll send the winner yet, but trust me, it'll be kinda cool. Plus, there will at the very least be a signed novel in there.

Send in your Sherlock Selfies today!

Click Read More for on-line retailer links and more book details.
Cover art: Mike Fyles
Published by Moonstone Books

This new trade paperback collection contains a brand new Domino Lady comic story, a brand new Holmes/Domino prose story by Bobby Nash, a Holmes/Domino Lady prose story by Nancy Holder with NEW illustrations, reprints Sherlock Holmes/Domino Lady issues#1 and 2,
and The Holmes Holiday Special story!

Written by Bobby Nash and Nancy Holder
Art by Reno Maniquis, Nick Diaz, and Mike Fyles.
Cover price: $14.95

Or you can order a copy from the following:
Moonstone Books (paperback)
Comixology (paperback)
Amazon (paperback)
Amazon UK (paperback)
Barnes and Noble (paperback)
Books-A-Million (paperback)
Forbidden Planet (paperback)
MyComicShop.Com (paperback)
Book Depository (paperback)
Things From Another World (paperback)
Also available in comic book shops and wherever your favorite books are sold!

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