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Art by Wendell Cavalcanti.
Art by Wendell Cavalcanti.
One of the best things about writing comic books is seeing fresh artwork hit my inbox. Today's treat came from Wendell Cavalcanti, who is doing the art for issue #2 of the upcoming Domino Lady: Threesome series for Moonstone Books. Nancy Holder and I co-wrote this issue. This panel was so cool I had to share. Domino Lady fires a big ol' Jack Kirby looking weapon at her enemies.

The image at left is another favorite. There's a lot of emotion here as Domino Lady and The Veil are reunited as Golden Amazon looks on uncomfortably. Great work by Wendell here.

Domino Lady: Threesome #2 will be in stores August 2016 and will appear in this next issue of Previews.

Click Read More to see the solicitation copy for this issue and more art.
Cover art from Domino Lady: Threesome issue #1

Moonstone Books has released the first solicitation for the DOMINO LADY THREESOME #1 & #2.

Revealed! Part 1.

Story: Nancy Holder, Bobby Nash
Art: Marco Santiago
Cover: Glen Fernandez
32pgs, 7” x 10”, GRAYSCALE, $3.50
UPC: 685239899061
(UPC variant): 685239899078

NY Times best-selling author NANCY HOLDER brings us a new series of wild adventures of Domino Lady with two friends!
Trouble Times Three! It's Coast to Coast action, adventure, romance, and intrigue as Pulp's #1 Adventuress, Domino Lady teams up with the Golden Amazon and The Veil to thwart a killer, stop a nefarious Nazi plot, and uncover mysterious happenings on big Hollywood movie set. When just one hero isn't enough, Domino Lady and her companions come together to get the job done.

***RETAILER INCENTIVE: If you purchase 4 or more copies of Domino Lady Threesome #1, you will receive 1 FREE variant issue!

Make sure you let you local comic shop know to order a copy of Moonstone's Domino Lady: Threesome #1. The Diamond order code is STL003452

Revealed! Part 2.

Reeling from a personal tragedy, Domino Lady teams up once again with Golden Amazon and The Veil to stop a Nazi plot against America that could make them all prisoners of the Fuhrer himself. If that wasn’t enough, there’s still a killer on the loose and more surprises are revealed in the conclusion of the opening arc of this new comic book team up series starring Pulp's #1 Adventuress, Domino Lady.

Domino Lady Threesome “Revealed!” Part 2 is written by New York Times Bestselling Author Nancy Holder and Award-Winning Author Bobby Nash with art by Wendell Cavalcanti.

Domino Lady: Threesome #1 is currently available for pre-order. Let your comic shop know to order a copy for you. Written by Nancy Holder and Bobby Nash. Art by Marco Santiago. Cover by Glen Fernandez. Published by Moonstone Books. Domino Lady: Threesome #1 is available for order via the March issue of Previews magazine (in stores now). The ad is found on page 380.

Make sure you let you local comic shop know to order a copy of Moonstone's Domino Lady: Threesome #2. The Diamond order code will be released soon.

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