Monday, January 13, 2014


Asleep at the wheel... uh, keyboard again.

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I accomplished a good deal this weekend. My workload was spread over several different projects which are in various stages of production. I'd love to go into more detail, but not all of these projects have been announced yet so mum's the word on them for now. Tomorrow, it's back to writing on the Ghost Gal novel, which is coming along nicely. Plus, I'll do a bit more formatting on the Operation: Silver Moon graphic novel, which is also coming along nicely. I'm really excited to show off Rick Johnson's fantastic artwork. It should be a good week.

Oh, I should also mention that there will be a Operation: Silver Moon website premiering this month as well. Stay tuned.

Today, I also received an offer to work on a new pulp anthology, which would
Coming Soon
have been a fun one to work on. Sadly, I had to say no because my schedule is pretty full at the moment. I hate turning down work, but sometimes it is better to say no than to agree to do something then not be able to get it in on time and hold up the project and everyone involved with it. When at all possible, I try not to do that. One of the things I struggle with is overextending myself. I always seem to take on more than I should. I'm trying to be better about that this year. I have several open novel projects that have been on hold as other projects dropped ahead of them on the schedule. The plan is to finish them this year. A daunting task, but one I'm looking forward to tackling.

So, yeah, it's hard to say no, but sometimes that's the only answer you can give. It's even harder because I thought of an interesting way this character (mum's the word, y'know) and Lance Star: Sky Ranger could team up. Oh well. Perhaps the opportunity will present
itself again down the road. Speaking of Lance Star, volume four of that series will be available very soon. Keep watching this space.

I also finalized plans to get Evil Ways into a new market. Hopefully, that will all come together this week, maybe next. Stay tuned. Boy, I've said that a lot tonight, haven't I?

It's late and I'm starting to feel it. Before I fall asleep at the keyboard again, I guess I should call it a night.


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