Saturday, September 13, 2014


Issue # 148 of Rue Morgue Magazine features a review of Alexandra Holzer’s Ghost Gal: The Wild Hunt. Written by author Bobby Nash, Alexandra Holzer’s Ghost Gal: The Wild Hunt tells the tale of young Alexandra Holzer. She’s just your average young paranormal investigator out to show an early 1960s New York City and she knows a thing or two about ghosts. Join Alex's alter ego, GHOST GAL, and her fiancé, Joshua Demerest as they do battle with a very ancient ghost and his pals who have a score to settle with her famed father, ghost hunter, Hans Holzer.

Here’s what Rue Morgue’s Charlotte Stear had to say about the novel--
“A charming, fun ride that keeps the spirit of the elder Holzer's work alive.”

Thanks for the kind words for Alexandra Holzer's Ghost Gal: The Wild Hunt, Rue Morgue magazine. You rock!


Alexandra Holzer's Ghost Gal: The Wild Hunt by Bobby Nash is the first book in a series of new horror/adventures novels from Raven's Head Press.

Includes a forward by Ghostbusters' Ernie Hudson.

Cover Art by Jamie Chase
ALEXANDRA HOLZER'S GHOST GAL: THE WILD HUNT can be purchased at the following:
Amazon US (paperback)          Amazon CA (paperback)
Amazon UK (paperback)         Amazon IT (paperback)
Amazon DE (paperback)          Amazon FR (paperback)
Amazon ES (paperback)          Barnes and Noble (paperback)
CreateSpace (paperback)        BookAdda India (paperback)
Bookwire (paperback)             Books-A-Million (paperback)
Amazon (Kindle) ebook           Amazon CA (Kindle) ebook
Amazon UK (Kindle) ebook    Amazon IT (Kindle) ebook
Amazon DE (Kindle) ebook     Amazon FR (Kindle) ebook
Amazon ES (Kindle) ebook     Barnes and Noble (Nook) ebook
iTunes (ebook)                        Scribd (ebook)
Payhip (ebook)

The South Branch Scribbler posted an excerpt from Alexandra Holzer’s Ghost Gal: The Wild Hunt last week. You can read it here.

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