Friday, September 5, 2014


Phantom's selfie at the recording
The ESO Network crew managed to get away from the crazy crowd and gather together over some buckets o’ rum to tell tales of this year’s Dragon Con. Mike Faber, Mike Gordon, the award-winning Bobby Nash were joined by fellow ESO Network hosts and Friends of the Station JC & Rita De La Torre, Phantom Troublemaker, Darren Nowell, Angela Pritchett, Bill Kielhorn, William Faber, Tracy Allgrove, Ravyn,and more! Plus, we scored some insightful interviews with Caity Lotz, Katrina Law, and Paul Blackthorne from Arrow and the always incredible Lou Ferrigno. Please forgive the audio issues in the first few minutes of this episode. It’s difficult to get 60,000 con-goers to quiet down so we can record!

At the ESO Meet 'n Greet
Join us for yet another episode of The Earth Station One Podcast we like to call: ESO Live From Dragon Con 2014 at
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Table of Contents
0:00:00 ESO Live from Dragon Con 2014
1:13:48 Interview with Caity Lotz, Katrina Law & Paul Blackthrone
1:46:36 Interview with Lou Ferrigno
Building a podcast network panel

Next on Earth Station One...

Fall is in the air and a young podcaster’s fancy turns to the Fall TV season. The ESO crew makes their predictions on the fall’s new and returning shows. We’ll also look back out the crew’s Summer Movie predictions and see who made the best guesses for the summer box office. Plus, you’ll never guess who we’ll strap into The Geek Seat! Of course, it wouldn’t be ESO without the usual assortment of Rants and
Meetin' an' greetin'... ESO style!
Raves, Doctor Geek’s Moment of Science, shout outs, The Khan Report, and more. Join ESO for the 2014 Fall TV Preview / Summer Movie Wrap Up. Plus, Bobby Nash makes a special announcement.

TV fans, ESO would love to hear from you. What upcoming fall TV shows are you looking most forward to seeing? Share your predictions with us at, 404-963-9057,, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest. Who knows, we might just share yours on the show.
The ESO Crew & Jessa Phillips

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