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A little shorter list this time around, but we’re back for a 26th installment of Sometimes I Get Asked Stuff… I know I’ve said it before, but thank you for the continued questions. I love answering them. Please, keep ‘em coming. You can check out all of the past installments of Sometimes I Get Asked Stuff... here.

Q: Do you spend time on visual social networking platforms such as Pinterest? Is it work or fun time or both?

I have a Pinterest page and post information/photos there on occasion. Mostly, it’s book-related information, but I also do podcast links, convention photos, and things like that. I admit, I don’t explore the site as much as I probably should. You can visit my page at

Q: How did the last character killed off die?

The last kill I wrote had the victim ripped apart by a deranged psycho killer who may or may not be from another planet.

Q: How do people respond when they learn that you're an author?

The first thing I get is how exciting that must be followed by “what kind of books do you write?” Then comes the presumption that I’m rich because every writer they’ve ever seen on TV or in the movies is uber-rich. Of course, that’s from people that don’t know any professional writers personally.

This is usually followed by the person telling me one of three things… First, they have always wanted to be a writer followed by the reason why they’ve never done it. Or they tell me that their life has been so interesting that I should write a book about them or this great idea they have. If it’s a person who has started writing, I’m then asked if I’ll read their manuscript and pass it along to one of my publishers. Sometimes I am asked to give that person a book, but rarely does anyone ask where the book can be purchased.

These days I also get the "did you publish them yourself or get a publisher?" That's a fairly new addition to the questions I get.

Maybe I should start telling people I’m a plumber. HA! HA!

Q: Your Favorite Lindsay Crouse Movie?

Not sure on movies, but I thought she made a great Buffy The Vampire slayer villain.

Q: Is snacking a form of procrastination or does it act more as fuel for you?

The act of stopping to fix the snack is pure procrastination. Absentmindedly snacking while writing just helps fuel the fire.

Q: What is your favorite TV show that was cancelled too soon?

This could be a big list. I don’t know if I have a favorite, but here’s a few I thing belong on that list-- Leverage, Human Target, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Crusade, Veronica Mars (a show I recently discovered), seaQuest (yeah, I’m the one), Young Justice, Deadwood, Almost Human, and like almost everyone else I’ll add Firefly to the list.

My kind of vacation.
Q: Do you write when you take a vacation or go on holiday?

Usually, yeah. Although, it’s been about six years or so since I took a vacation and sadly, it was only two days. I am overdue for a beach trip. Maybe one day soon I’ll be able to make that happen.

Q: Please tell us about what you’re currently writing.

I’m juggling two stories at the moment. Working on a short pulpy p.i. story and putting the finishing touches on Snow Storm.

Q: Which do you prefer? eBooks or Paperbacks?

I stare at stories on a computer screen all day so when reading for pleasure I prefer paperbacks, but have enjoyed a good ebook on occasion.

Q: If you had the opportunity to work with someone (co-author a book, make a movie, create art, or share the big screen as an actor, etc) who would it be?

Great question. I had to think about the answer to this one a bit. Since we’re talking dream collaboration, I would love to work with Clint Eastwood as the director on an adaptation of one of my novels, either Evil Ways or Deadly Games! I think he would bring just the right blend of thriller and action to it. Yeah. It’s good to dream.

Q: What are ten of your favorite comics or graphic novels?

This is another one of those where the answer will no doubt change the next time I’m asked. In no particular order…
DC: New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke
Fantastic Four Annual #17 by John Byrne (love Byrne’s entire FF run)
New Teen Titans (Baxter series) #1 - #5 by Marv Wolfman and George Perez
Avengers Forever by Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern, Carlos Pacheco, and
Jesus Merino
Walt Simonson’s Thor run
Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho
Daredevil: Born Again by Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli
Batman: Year One by Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli
Spider-man: The Hobgoblin Saga by Roger Stern, John Romita Jr., and Ron Frenz
Hellboy by Mike Mignola

Q: You are now the main character in the last book you read. What are you doing?

Chasing down a serial killer. I'm finishing up So Close The Hand of Death by J.T. Ellison.

Q: Do you purchase more paperbacks, hard covers, or ebooks?


Q: Out of the 79 episodes of the originals series of Star Trek, which is your absolute favorite?

The Trouble With Tribbles followed closely by Shore Leave.

Q: What sentence ends your latest chapter?

Snow released the phone and let Katie Masters talk to her mother.

That’s from the upcoming Snow Storm e-novel.
Snow Falls is still available.

And I think that is a good place to finish this round of Sometimes I Get Asked Stuff…

Do you have any questions you’d like me to answer? Post them here as a comment or send them along to and I’ll answer them in a future installment of Sometimes I Get Asked Stuff...

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