Thursday, December 5, 2013


Marvel Essentials and DC Showcase
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Also, the most stressful. In the never-ending battle to fight the holiday blues, the ESO crew steps up once again to provide some gift ideas for the geek in your life. To make things easier, you can find just about every item suggested by Mike Faber, Mike Gordon, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, Doctor Q, and Nikki Rau-Baker in the ESO Amazon Estore. Listen, click, and you’re done wish shopping for the year! Plus, we give author Stuart Jaffe the greatest gift of all… some time in The Geek Seat! All this, along with the usual Rants, Raves, Khan Report and Shout Outs!
Domino Lady figure

Join us for yet another episode of The Earth Station One Podcast we like to call: The Fourth Annual ESO Geek Gift Guide at
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Table of Contents
0:00:00 Intro / Welcome
0:09:24 Rants & Raves
0:36:27 Stuart Jaffe (author) Interview & Geek Seat
0:58:20 4th Annual Holiday Geek Guide
2:08:13 2 Minutes w/ Dr Geek
2:10:22 The ESO Khan Report w/ Nikki Rau-Baker
Written by Stuart Jaffe
2:20:30 ESO Shout Outs & Show Close

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ESO heads to Paradise Island. For 73 years, Wonder Woman has fought against the forces of evil in comic books, newspaper strips, novels, animation, TV movies and series, and soon to make her big screen debut. Next week, ESO takes a look at the history of Wonder Woman from her comic book beginnings to her current incarnations. We’ll also discuss the characters and what we’d like to see in her future. Plus, we’ll serve up healthy portions of Rants and Raves, Khan Reports, Geek Seats, Shout Outs, and more. Join us for another magical episode of the Earth Station One podcast.

Next week on ESO...
Are you a Wonder Woman fan? Then ESO wants to hear from you. Let us know why Wonder Woman is special to you, your favorite incarnations of the character, and your thoughts on Diana’s future at,, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Who knows, we might just share yours on the show.

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