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Let's just file this photo under "Dream Come True."
I was invited down to Farragut Fest in Kingsland, GA on December 7th for the Farragut Studios open house. Once a year, the cast and crew of Starship Farragut open their sets to the general public for tours and photos. These sets are the home of the web series Starship Farragut as well as Star Trek Continues, ExeterTrek, and Dreadnaught Dominion. These sets are almost identical reproductions of the sets used in filming the original Star Trek series back in the 1960's. Built in beautiful detail, these sets are the closest you can come to being there.

Opening shot from "Conspiracy of
Innocence" by Bobby Nash
These sets are nothing short of extraordinary. I can't correctly put into words how I felt when the turbolift doors opened and I stepped onto the corridor of a Federation Starship like the ones I grew up watching on TV. It was magic, pure and simple.

My friend and Earth Station One podcast co-host, Mike Gordon and I made the trip down and we were both blown away. I borrowed a couple of Mike's photos for this set, but you can see his full set here.

As a nice bonus, I had the opportunity to watch a rough cut of the upcoming Starship Farragut episode, "Conspiracy of Innocence", which was written by me. That was a very cool moment, especially as I watched it with some of the show's stars and guest actors. It was so much fun and I can't wait to announce when the episode premieres in 2014.

I know you're tired of hearing me ramble and want to check out the photos so I'll be brief. Please visit Starship Farragut at and check out some of their previous episodes.

I would like to also thank Michael Day, John Broughton, Michael Bednar, and the rest of the Farragut crew for making me feel right at home for the event. I'm ready to go back for another visit.


Click on photos for a larger view.

I mentioned "Dream Come true" didn't I?

Mike Gordon and Bobby Nash take the helm.

Farragut's Michael Bednar and John Broughton with Bobby.



Deck Ten.

One of the talented actors from "Conspiracy of Innocence"

Freya was awesome.

At the captain's desk.

I would write here.

But I'd need a bigger monitor

View from the turbolift.

A super secret wall set from "Conspiracy of Innocence"

Not a stripper pole. Future spinning shelves.

Beam Me Up, Bobby.

Commanders Nash and Gordon, ready to beam out.

View from the transporter pads

This was the first thing I saw when I walked off set.
I actually went a little weak in the knees.

The backside of the bridge set

And look, I even had some books on hand.

At the Jefferies Tube

Love this lighting effect

Inside the Jefferies Tube

Bobby with Christine Jefferies (from "Conspiracy of Innocence") and
Dan Scanlan. She's related to the late Matt Jefferies, who invented the
Jefferies Tubes. 

Another shot of the Jefferies Tube

I know you're curious. Yes. The chair is comfortable.

Love that Star Trek lighting

Just another day exploring the galaxy.

Kate played a Vulcan in "Conspiracy of Innocence"

Somebody get Ensign Gordon out of my chair.  :)

Romulan bridge

dealer's room

One of Michael Bednar's behind the scenes panels.

"Scanning for book sales now, Captain."

Artist Kim Lockman

dealer's room

behind the scenes. It's a working set, you know.

Hanging out on the bridge.

At the science station

Props. All made and used on the shows.

Movie magic 1: The Set.

Movie magic 2: The Shot. We're on a set.

Movie magic 3: The Crop. Now we're on a ship.

Panorama shot courtesy of Mike Gordon

Eve was in the holiday spirit.

The bridge. Also courtesy Mike Gordon.

Red Alert!

Darn time travelers.

"Course heading, Captain?"
"Let's go... thataway!"


Where's... the damn... seatbelts...?

Had a blast chatting with Brian Stephenson

Candid shot

That's all, folks.

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