Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Sadly, this kind of question is
asked often, sometimes by me.
Today was a pretty good writing day. I came up a little shy of the daily writing goal I'd set for myself, but not by much so it's all good. I'll hopefully make the difference up tomorrow. I also spent some time working on the websites (this one and http://BEN-Books.blogspot.com), something I've been neglecting. I added some "Buy Now" buttons on the novels so readers can order autographed books directly from me. We'll see how it goes then start adding other titles. 

I also recorded part of this week's Earth Station One podcast tonight. With my schedule as packed as it is at the moment I've had to step back a bit so I wasn't able to do the entire episode. 

I also got some interesting news that I'll share as soon as I get the go ahead. It's been a fun day.

Let's do it again tomorrow.


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