Tuesday, June 3, 2014


"I'm not napping. I'm plotting."
I have been tagged to join an author’s blog hop. What’s that, you might ask? Well, a blog hop is when a group gets together to post blogs to their own site, usually answering the same questions or blogging on the same topic, but also sharing links to the blogs of others.

This week I’m joining a small group of authors who are blog hopping with the following four questions. I hope you’ll check out their sites as well.

Lee Houston, Jr. posted his yesterday. You can read it here. Tomorrow, Ralph L. Angelo, Jr. will post his here and Sean Taylor will post his here on Thursday.

What am I working on?

Today, I’m putting the final polish on my story for The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil 2 for Dark Oak Press. Once that’s finished I have a freelance gig to complete for a client so I can’t go into any details on that as yet. Then, later this week I dive into Snow Storm for the Stark Raving Group, the second book featuring Abraham Snow.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Everything I write has my unique voice to it. I also try to put a spin on plots that might, on the basest of levels, seem familiar. That’s where knowing the characters comes into play. If the character and I are meshing well, then the character will lead the charge.

Why do I write what I do?

Because I love it. I get a thrill out of crafting stories and characters. There is a thrill that’s hard to describe that comes over me when I hold a book I worked on in my hands. Even after having a hundred or so stories printed, that thrill has not diminished. I love it.

How does your writing process work?

I tend to work out plots and scenes in my head throughout the day, night, hell, I often dream about this stuff. Then, it’s just a matter of sitting in front of the computer

and start writing. I don’t do detailed outlines, but I generally know plot elements in the story-- I call then signposts on the road that is my story. I write from one signpost to the next until I reach my destination. Sometimes there are detours along the way, but part of the fun is seeing where those detours take me and the characters.

And that does it for my stop on the blog hop tour. Please, make sure you stop by Lee Houston, Jr’s blog to read his post. You can find it here. Tomorrow, visit Ralph L. Angelo Jr’s blog here and on Thursday, check out Sean Taylor’s blog here. Also, check out their work. I think you’ll find something there you’ll enjoy.

Thanks for inviting me along, gents.


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