Thursday, January 31, 2019

Bobby's Book Review: Jessica Jones "Blind Spot"

Book review. I read and enjoyed the new Jessica Jones trade collection titled "Blind Spot" from Marvel. The creative team of Kelly Thompson and Mattia De Iulis gave us a good Jessica Jones story, an intriguing mystery, and some surprises along the way. Most importantly, they did their own thing and did not try to copy the Bendis/Gaydos team who had spearheaded the series since its inception. I give this one 4 Stars.

My one complaint is that the trade ends with "to be continued..." My fear is for those who pick up the next Jessica Jones trade without knowing it's part 2. Nothing on the cover or spine of "Blind Spot" mentions a volume number or anything. That minor quibble does bug me quite a bit, but that doesn't distract from the story.

Now available at your favorite comic book retailer.


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