Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Big outlaw thanks to Paul R. McNamee for leaving a great 5 STAR review for the MAMA TRIED crime anthology published by Down and Out Books. Much appreciated. Read the full review at HERE.

MAMA TRIED is a strong and inspired crime fiction anthology with variety
Joe Lansdale prefaced one of his most famous horror stories with a note that is was "a story that does not flinch."

Although Lansdale is not in this anthology, I think that concept and spirit permeate this anthology. These stories do not flinch. They dig into criminal worlds, telling taut stories that kept me engaged throughout.

As you can see from the cover, each story here is inspired by a classic "outlaw country" song - whether by title alone or riffing on the lyrics as well. The tales run the gamut from law enforcement point-of-view to criminal p.o.v. Criminals within criminals, good cops who might use questionable methods, meth biker gangs, alpaca farms, dog fights, booze running, war veterans, jobs and drug deals gone wrong, lovers who are no good for one another - they're all here. One of the anthology's strongest points is its variety.

These nineteen tales of inspired outlawry are well worth the read, especially if you enjoy crime fiction and/or outlaw country.

I had a great time working on this one.


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A Crime Fiction Anthology Inspired by Outlaw Country Music


It’s what makes the best of country music and crime fiction. Sometimes it’s hardened criminals: murders, thieves, and convicts, sometimes it’s just a poor fool driven to the edge by hard times, hard drinking, or a hard lover.

In this collection you will find stories from the best voices in crime fiction inspired by the best voices in outlaw country music. Stories with:
• An off-books mercenary trying to save a trucker’s delivery from a beautiful thief.
• An ex-con dealing with small town prejudice … and armed robbery.
• Outlaw newlyweds running from a tri-county drug lord.
• A young girl seeking solace in the company of dogs bred to fight that she never found in family.
• A wife discovering the other woman is not what she thought.
• A writer finding out what prison is really like.

Stories by J.L. Abramo, Trey R. Barker, Eric Beetner, Levi Black, Michael Bunker, Delilah Dawson, Les Edgerton, Christa Faust, Tommy Hancock, Grant Jerkins, Ken Lizzi, Riley Miller, James A. Moore, Bobby Nash, Mel Odom, Eryk Pruitt, Jay Requard, Charles R. Rutledge and Ryan Sayles.

MAMA TRIED — Crime Fiction Inspired by Outlaw Country Music includes "Ain't Living Long Like This" by Bobby Nash. In this story, Private Investigator Jamie Southern takes on a high society blackmail case that leads to murder.

MAMA TRIED — Crime Fiction Inspired by Outlaw Country Music is now available for pre-order in paperback and ebook at the following:
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