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Not your typical crime fighters.
I was talking on the phone with my friend, Jeff Austin earlier today. I mentioned how much I’m enjoying the older art Jeff has been digging out of mothballs and posting on his blog and that got us talking about some of our old projects together.

That brought me back to Little Lamb and Black Sheep.

Little Lamb and Black Sheep were comic book characters that Jeff and I created way back when (some time in the early 90's I’d guess) with the dream of taking them to series. Little Lamb and Black Sheep was an interesting experiment. The characters in the stories, both good guys and bad guys were taken out of Jeff’s various sketchbooks. We found images we liked and gave those characters life. It worked pretty well for us too. It also allowed us to create characters that were a little different from the types of characters we might create on our own.

My favorite panel from the 1st comic script. Sad this never got finished.
I actually wrote several all-ages comic book scripts featuring the duo, but sadly only part of the first one was drawn before other projects pulled Jeff away from this project and we never seemed to get back to it. I probably have copies of those pages in a box somewhere. Maybe I’ll run across them one day. Anyway, I later wrote this short story to appear in Odyssey Magazine and Jeff added some spot illustrations to it. I miss Little Lamb and Black Sheep. They were a lot of fun to write.

I thought you might enjoy this peek at the Little Lamb and Black Sheep short story. It will be added to the Free Stories tab above for future visitors to find and hopefully enjoy.



Bethany Talbot and her uncle, Clarence (Blacky) Talbot make up the duo known as Little Lamb & Black Sheep.  Together with the brilliant inventor Herbert Talbot III, Bethany’s father and Blacky’s brother, they solve crimes.

Clarence Talbot was a top notch fighter pilot in his youth.  He was part of a select group who were experimented on for a special mission in outer space long before Sputnik was launched.  The mission was a failure, but there was an unexpected side effect.  Those involved aged very slowly and they began showing signs of blossoming super powers.  Thus, the world’s first super heroes were born.

Now, there are fewer and fewer of these heroes around as they are starting to age and find themselves tired of the constant battles and mind games.  Blacky agrees to train and watch after his niece when she devotes her life to the goal he and her father both fought for.  Although she has no super powers of her own, Herbert has created a way for Bethany to use hypnosis as a weapon.  With only the sound of her voice, Bethany can hypnotize many people.  This is how she keeps her face out of the spotlight, since she wears no mask.  The newspapers have even gone so far as to assume the vigilante called Little Lamb is a man.

There are those few who are immune, of course.

Written by Bobby Nash.
Illustrations by Jeff Austin.
Click on images for a larger readable copy.

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