Thursday, May 17, 2012


Bobby Nash will be a guest at the Alabama Phoenix Festival on May 25 - 27 in Birmingham, Alabama. In addition to having a table with his books and signing times, Bobby will also be involved with panels. Here’s the list of Bobby's panels, subject to change as the convention draws closer.


12:30 PM - Breaking and Entering
Sean Taylor, Bobby Nash, Andy Gray and Geoffrey Gwin offer advice to those of us dying to get a job in writing and drawing comics in today's creative field!

3:30 PM – eBooks
Making, distributing and promoting them.


11:30 AM – Marketing 101
How to promote yourself and your work.

4:00 PM - The Bloody Pulps
Pulp fiction, old and new.

5:30 PM - What makes a character memorable
We have all heard of the adventures of the courageous Captain Harriman from Star Trek, or the rogue smuggler Bo Shek from Star Wars…wait, you haven’t? Why not? Find out what makes a “Gandalf” as opposed to ending up with a “Dave the guy that’s really good at card tricks” from the writers and experts that know the difference.

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11:30 AM - Get it and go!
You get your first job as a writer or artist on a published what? Join Andy Gray, Geoffrey Gwin, Sean Taylor, and Bobby Nash for the answer...or watch bemused as they pass the buck to one another, either way.

1:00 PM – First Chevron locked!!!
Step into the SGC and explore the missions of all the SG teams as they travel through the galaxy and search for alien technology and allies to defend Earth.

4:00 PM - Starship Smackdown
Super Star Destroyer: Executor vs. NCC-1701E? Firefly Class vs. the YT1600 Freighter? TARDIS vs. Whitestar? Join the group discussion of which starships come out on top and why.

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