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Big thanks to Kevin Findley for the kind words and 5 star Amazon review of Aym Geronimo and the PostModern Pioneers: Tall Tales, which is currently on sale at 45% off cover price! You can read the full review HERE or below.

"My Favorite Super-Heroine is Back in Action! FIND IT! BUY IT! READ IT!

I know that is usually the final line in a reviews but I love this book that much!

I've been a fan of Aym Geronimo since I read her first story in Shooting Star Comics. As I used to say way back then, she could be Doc Savage's granddaughter, but she's cooler than that. If you haven't had the opportunity to read those original comic books, begin searching through your local comic bookstores or favorite online back issue specialists. Okay, on with the review.

This series of short stories carry on the grand tradition of those original tales. Between reading their prior efforts and hanging out at the old Dixonverse website, I'm familiar with nearly all of these folks on some level so reading them felt like going home for Thanksgiving without the bad weather or political discussions that spill out into the backyard. I can't review them all here, but each one should be read and enjoyed by all. Here is a peek at three of them.

"Chopper Hop Boogie' by Sean Burnham is a perfect start to this volume. Aym, with Odd (my favorite of the Post Modern Pioneers) and remote assistance from Granny, fights and defeats cyborg henchmen sent from Aym's greatest nemesis. Did I mention she does most of this while suspended mid-flight between two helicopters? Yowza! Sean hits us with a perfect blend of Aym's physical and mental skills that show she is this world's premier adventurer and hero.

"Aym Geronimo and the Valley of the Golden Tears" by Bobby Nash is a superb tale that could have been written by the late Edgar Rice Burroughs himself. The macguffin here is an underground lake of molten metal that just might be the perfect energy source for the world. Bobby introduces us to Aric Powers (mega maniacal corporate villain) who isn't quite as bad as he first appears. What saves Aym and stops Powers is a recuring meteor strike that goes back beyond written history.

"God's Games" by Tommy Hancock may just be my favorite tale. Besides Aym, the primary characters are 'Odd' Delacroix and a certain original Pulp Hero who can't be named in the story but I referenced in one of the above paragraphs. Aym and Odd battle flying, BatNazis and then take on perhaps the maddest of all mad scientists since Victor Frankenstein himself. Seriously, this guy could give Walter Bishop from Fringe a run for his money.

Every other story in this volume is a gem, with straight up adventure tales and a number of stories that help fill in the background of many of the Pioneers. Even Aym and Wind's Father and Grandfather get some page time. Fantastic work by all.

My only gripe is that Aym's father, John Morgan 'Bat' Neal did provide a story himself. I understand he's busy with some type of cross-time, inter-dimensional device that scavenged parts from an old phone booth and a car, but that's still no excuse. Perhaps he can submit one if there is a second volume. I suggest a tale of fighting a Communist robot that was awakened from its fifty years of electronic sleep. All of this should happen on top of a speeding train of course.

You done good John. After all these years, she is still my favorite super-heroine."

Thanks again, Kevin.

An Adventure Anthology

ACTION! ADVENTURE! PULP! SCIENCE FICTION! MYSTERY! HORROR! DRAMA! SPORTS! ‘AYM GERONIMO AND THE POSTMODERN PIONEERS: TALL TALES’ NOW AVAILABLE! Click below to get your copy of this epic anthology today! And, remember, Kindle Unlimited Members read for free!

Pro Se Productions proudly announces that an anthology years in the making is available in print and digital formats. Originally conceived as a comic concept and appearing in the Shooting Star Comics lineup, this modern pulp hero and her team of adventurers live again in a massive collection of tales from some of today’s best writers-AYM GERONIMO AND THE POSTMODERN PIONEERS: TALL TALES!

Headquartered in the Wonder Wall, a complex carved from a side of the Grand Canyon. the PostModern Pioneers travel to all corners of the globe and undertake dangerous deeds, discover the unknown, defy disasters, and defeat the diabolical using the advanced tools of technology forged by the brilliant mind of Ms. Geronimo and the prodigious skills of her comrades.

With a Preface by Chuck Dixon and all story introductions and character biographies written by AYM Co-Creator J. Morgan Neal, these modern-day tall tales are told by Sean Burnham, Rebecca Upson, Diane Colchamiro, Neil Sarver, Scott E. Hileman, Cliff Roberts, Sarah Beach, Corrina Lawson, Brenda Roberts, Danny Donovan, John David Bock, Bobby Nash, Sean Taylor, Scott McCullar, Tommy Hancock, and Eric Burnham.

AYM GERONIMO AND THE POSTMODERN PIONEERS: TALL TALES is available from Pro Se Productions and features a stunning cover by Co-Creator Todd Fox and cover design and print formatting by Sean Ali.

AYM GERONIMO AND THE POSTMODERN PIONEERS: TALL TALES is available at the following retailers:
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