Thursday, January 19, 2023


Today's mail call had copies of Stormgate Press' The Lost Adventures of Captain Hawklin Vol. 1. I have a story in this collection along with powerhouse authors Brian K. Morris, Clyde Hall, Marlin Williams, and Hawklin creator Charles F. Millhouse. Cover by Jeffrey Hayes from Plasmafire Graphics.

This is a beautiful book. You should absolutely pick up a copy of your very own. You can find the paperback HERE. Plus, each individual story is available as $0.99 ebooks on Amazon as well. My story, Smuggler's Run can be found HERE.

Grab yours today and take flight!


See more below.

The Lost Adventures of Captain Hawklin
A short story collection

Everyone knows of Captain Steven Hawklin. His exploits on Monster Island, his ascent into the Subterranean Empire and his countless encounters with his arch nemesis Maximilian Odenthal.

Beyond those famous encounters, there are journeys that have remained secret… until now.

Collected in this volume are tales of danger, intrigue and high-flying action that will bring the Lost Adventures of Captain Hawklin to light.

Hawklin creator, Charles F. Millhouse is joined by fellow pulp authors, Clyde Hall, Brian K Morris, Bobby Nash and Marlin Williams to bring you five unforgettable stories of one of New Pulp’s most endearing characters. If you’re a longtime Hawklin fan or discovering the character for the very first time. Now’s the time to CHOOSE THE ADVENTURE! Cover art by Jeffrey Hayes.

The Lost Adventures of Captain Hawklin
 is available at the following retailers:
Amazon US (paperback)
Amazon CA (paperback)
Amazon UK (paperback)
The individual stories remain available in ebook form as well.

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