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WE LOVE READER REVIEWS! Big thanks to Trevor for the kind words and 4.25 star GoodReads reader review of Hunter Houston and the Midnight Man: A Hunter Houston, Horror Hunter Tall Tale. Read it HERE or below.

"Hunter Houston has been elevated to number one monster hunter, with Bubba missing in action. This time it is his past dreams, returning to haunt him. Good story, which does not take itself seriously, as Hunter jumps in feet first, full steam ahead."

Learn more about Hunter Houston and the Midnight Man: A Hunter Houston, Horror Hunter Tall Tale HERE!

Written by Bobby Nash.
Published by Falstaff Books.
Cover by Tony Elwood.

Learn more below.

Hunter Houston and the Molten Menace.
A Horror/Comedy Adventure

When it Comes to Hunting Monsters, He's #2!

He is The Midnight Man.
He moves through our nightmares.
You won’t know he’s there until he is ready to strike.

Ten years ago, a special group of teenagers defeated their personal boogeyman, banishing him to a living hell. With revenge in his heart, The Midnight Man has returned and sets his sights on those who defeated him. At the top of that list is the south’s second favorite horror hunter. 

Can Houston defeat this cruel demon before he unleashes unimaginable Hell on Earth?

Book 1 of the Hunter Houston: Horror Hunter series.

Hunter Houston and the Midnight Man is available at the following retailers:
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Hunter Houston and the Molten Menace
Written by Bobby Nash.
Cover by Tony Elwood.
Published by Falstaff Books.

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