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Big thanks to timstandish for his kind words and 4 Star Amazon review of Hunter Houston and The Molten Menace. Read it HERE or below.

"Them! At war! Quick And fast paced short novella with interesting characters. Mr.Houston is a great addition to the monster hunter community. And since I live in Georgia it was fun to read of nearby Stone Mountain. I may never look at it again without thinking about an ant hill and the inhabitants, going to battle deep inside that massive lump of stone."

Thanks again, Tim.

Hunter Houston and The Molten Menace
Written by Bobby Nash.
Cover by Tony Elwood.
Published by Falstaff Books.

Learn more below.

Hunter Houston and the Molten Menace.
A Horror/Comedy Adventure

When the South’s preeminent monster hunting badass vanishes without a trace, it’s party time for the weirdest, creepiest, most menacing things that go bump in the night. Is there anyone strong enough, brave enough, or stupid enough to fill Bubba’s shoes?

Hunter Houston is the Horror Hunter, the South’s Number Two Monster Hunter. He’s the guy who handles the small stuff. He’s not the hero we need, but he’s the hero we’ve got. When Bubba and his team vanish, Houston has to step up and handle the extra load. If only it wasn't so much like work.

When the war between two unknown cryptid armies breaks out beneath Atlanta, Georgia, the entire state is in deadly jeopardy. Diving deep beneath, can Houston put a cork in this situation before it spills out into the city streets?

Book 1 of the Hunter Houston: Horror Hunter series.

Hunter Houston and the Molten Menace is available at the following retailers:
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