Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Look what came in the mail today. My copies of The Avenger Double Feature from Moonstone Books. This volume features stories by me and Chuck Miller. 

You can grab a copy of your very own Paperback at $11.99 HERE or Hardcover at $21.99 HERE.



FROM THE CREATORS OF DOC SAVAGE and THE SHADOW comes Two NEW thrillers for the price of one! His family was taken from him by crime, and to make matters worse, no one believed him. He was forced into an insane asylum. He escaped. His facial muscles were paralyzed by the tragedy, so he could press his face into any position to adopt any guise. On that day, The AVENGER was born!

THE AVENGER DOUBLE FEATURE includes two brand new novels in one book by authors Chuck Miller and Bobby Nash.

In Chuck Miller's "FACES OF DEATH," a distraught woman comes to the Richard Benson with a story about the ghost of a vicious mass murderer, he and Nellie Gray find themselves targeted by a ruthless killer. Has the fiend really come from beyond the grave? And will he take the Avenger and Nellie back with him?

In Bobby Nash's "BLACKWATER," we learn that Black Water is a secret worth killing for, a prize worth any price to claim. To most, it is a myth, but for the leaders of the Tartarus Legion, it is an obsession.

THE AVENGER DOUBLE FEATURE is now available for purchase at the following:
Moonstone Direct (hardcover)
Moonstone Direct (paperback)
More options to follow.

Moonstone is also offering The Avenger Double Feature PROOF. You can find it HERE. I don't know anything beyond the description on the website: One of kind item! The original printing proofs for both sc and hc versions of The Avenger Double Feature. Includes the 2 color full covers, flattened, and the 2 unbound sets of interior pages.

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