Wednesday, December 19, 2018


I joined my friend, Richard Ewell on The Nerdy Laser podcast to talk about one of my favorite Christmas must-watch shows. No, we're not talking Die Hard. We did that HERE. No, this time we're talking about Married... With Children;s classic Christmas two-parter, "It's a Bundyful Life" on episode 21 of The Nerdy Laser podcast! Listen as we summarize this amazing two-part Christmas episode parody of It's a Wonderful Life done as only the Bundy's, and special guest star Sam Kinison, could do it. We also talked about Married... With Children in general and even spent some time talking Night Court, another favorite show of ours.

Nerdy Laser-Episode 21: It’s A Bundyful Life
On this episode of the Nerdy Laser we are in full blown Christmas mode with Bobby Nash talking with me about one of his favorite television specials! It’s a Bundyful Life is Married With Children’s signature holiday special which guest stars Sam Kinison as Al’s guardian Angel. If you have never heard of Married With Children, never fear Bobby Nash comes to the rescue and we look into what exactly made the show tick and even manage to bring up Night Court a few times. Enjoy this episode and spread the word about the Nerdy Laser podcast!

Nerdy Laser is the coolest podcast in Bayside! Your host Richard Ewell takes you on a trip through the nerdy rabbit hole that is pop culture. One of the focuses is the nineties which is close to Richard’s nerddom but nothing is off limits. He has a variety of guests that come on to share their knowledge and love for any subject from 90’s soundtracks to Jurassic Park. Give us a listen and remember, keep it nerdy.

Listen to Nerdy Laser-Episode 21: It’s A Bundyful Life now at the ESO Network page, PodbeaniTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify.

As an added bonus, Richard and I kept talking after the Married... With Children segment. We talked at length about convention life, publishing ups and downs, and the creative life and ended up with a second podcast's worth of material out of it. I know, hard to imagine me going on and on for an hour, huh? Instead of letting a good conversation go to waste, we have decided to share the "extra" podcast episode is being released as a Patreon exclusive both at Bobby Nash's Patreon Page (open to all patrons on all tiers) and at The Nerdy Laser's Palaver Productions Patreon Page.

I hope you enjoy The Nerdy Laser's Con Talk with Richard Ewell and Bobby Nash.

Keep it nerdy.


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