Sunday, June 17, 2018


On location: Planet Donset IV
Here are some behind the scenes photos from yesterday's Hospital Ship Marie Curie "Under Fire" fan film shoot in Alabama.

About Hospital Ship Marie Curie "Under Fire"
The Marie Curie arrives at Donset IV, a planet caught between the warring nations of the Procyn and Gropos Empires. Both governments have laid claim to the planet. Starfleet has been rendering aid to the local indigenous personnel while a cease fire remains in effect. When hostilities flare up, the Marie Curie crew is caught in the line of fire between two warring nations while they try to rescue their people and an injured Federation ambassador before it's too late.

Writer on the bridge
Hospital Ship Marie Curie "Under Fire" stars Lillian A Cole (Captain Starr) LaCindra McGowan (Chief Surgeon Cavanaugh), Michael Hadden (Tactical Officer Burroughs), Veronica Dashell (Security Chief Jackson), Kyle Paul (Navigator Jones and Transporter Chief Huise), Anna Holloway (Science Officer Stone), Elisha McCartha (Comm Officer Arson), Jakob McCartha (Cadet McKenna), Josh Alford (Engineering Officer Longings), Charles Kelso (Engineering Officer Bobodobalina), and guest star Franklin Hadden (Ambassador Massey).

The Ambassador has been hurt.
The Hospital Ship Marie Curie is an experimental Naucrate-class hospital ship, registry: NCC-2179. Their mission: to aid and give hope to all who are suffering. Operating in Quadrant 9, this vessel is tasked with rendering help to planets, starbases and ships suffering from disasters, plagues, and war. Join us as we follow her maiden voyages...

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Mr. Ambassador

Director Randy Landers

on location: scenic planet Donset IV.

Before the trouble begins.

Admiral... uh, I mean author. Yeah. Author on the Bridge.

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