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Like a (melon) baller!
The River City Comic Expo was held on June 11 - 12, 2016 in Little Rock, AR. I was a guest at the convention for the first time this year as the show moved from a 1 day show to a 2 day show. The show had great attendance and I saw a lot of enthusiastic fans, gamers, and cosplayers walking the floors and hanging out. Sales were slow for the weekend, but I had an absolute blast seeing some friends I hadn't seen in a long time and meeting some people for the first time.

I was part of some panels and meet 'n greets, including a fun Friday night party on Junction Bridge. There were cool conversations and a great view.

I was a guest in the Pulp Ark section of the con and Tommy Hancock took good care of me and the other guests as well. I also did panels for Pulp Ark. Those were fun, definitely the highlights of the weekend for me.

PULP ARK MEET AND GREET-This is a drop in Panel for both Pulp Ark Guests and Fans, very informal, chance to stick your head in, see what great Guests Pulp Ark is bringing to River City and have a few personal, casual minutes with actors, writers, and more! Lots of cool discussions about writing.

THE FIVE Ws OF PULP? (Mostly What it is!) Aubrey Stephens, Tommy Hancock, Bobby Nash, Phillip Drayer Duncan, David White-Pulp Fiction- Learn the history of one of the most influential mediums in pop culture and how magazines of the 1930s and 40s have led to an exciting new style of writing that is all over the place today. From the origins of science fiction to brand new heroes today in all sorts of books, comics, anime, movies, television series, and more, find out how Pulp has gone from being a type of Fiction to a Culture all its own. Tommy asked us to introduce ourselves and tell us what one of the Ws of pulp was that described us. He asked me to go first. I introduced myself and told the crowd that my W stands for Whore because 
I write almost anything for money. I don't think that was the W Tommy had in mind.

GHOST IN THE GENRE-Paranormal Fiction Larry Flaxman, Alexander S. Brown, Santiago Cirilo, Bobby Nash, Brad Carter-The term ‘Paranormal’ covers a wide spectrum, it’s not just about ghosts anymore. Learn the basics and ins and outs of Paranormal Fiction, what’s hot now and what’s not anymore, from top names in the field. I was a little out of place on this panel, but I talked Ghost Gal. My ghosts are purely fictional. I don't really have any experience with the real thing, which is where this panel went.

The Pulp Ark Awards were handed out on Saturday. but I was unable to make it over to see the presentation. Congratulations to the winners.

Click Read More... to see photos from the event.

You like books? I got books!

Just call me River City Indy! Drove through 5 states yesterday on my way to Little Rock for the River City Comic Expo and boy was I tired when I got there. The River City Comic Expo starts Saturday, but I set up on Friday. Fun times.

Party on a bridge (the tall part).River City Comic Expo meet 'n greet.

A few revelers mingle at the River City Comic Expo Junction Bridge meet 'n greet

Even the other bridges were lit up purple. Junction Bridge party. 

I'm an architectural junkie. Love cool shots like this. Junction Bridge party.

Party on a bridge. Lots of purple lights.

There's a submarine parked by Junction Bridge. River City Comic Expo meet 'n greet.

Always great hanging with my con bros, J.R. Mounts and Randy Bishop. They are two very talented dudes.

Got my table all set up for ‎River City Comic Expo on Friday‬. Set the banner up Saturday morning. ‪We gave away free ‎Operation Silver Moon‬ pages with purchase of a copy of the graphic novel. Both Rick Johnson and I were there to sign it for you.Rick sold a few, but they never brought them by for me to sign.

My badge.

All set up at River City Comic Expo and ready to move some books.

My partner in crime, Rick Johnson, artist of Operation: Silver Moon and one heck of a nice guy.

Airship 27 Productions and Red Bud Studios' own Rob Davis.

Q Cumbersome got pickled at River City Comic Expo and all J.R. Mounts got was this lousy photo.

Another shot of my table.

The Art of Randy Bishop




And more crowds.

Scairy Tales Noir's J.R. Mounts

Jedi Knight Shaak Ti. 

My view for the Pulp Ark meet 'n greet panel

It's a Dalek day afternoon at River City Comic Expo.

Last chance. Buy something or Randy Bishop gets it. ;)

Tommy Hancock man's the Pro Se Productions booth.
I was set up in the Pulp Ark section of River City Comic Expo along with Pro Se Productions, The Walking Dead's Santiago Cirilo, and more. 

"Holy Crossover Crisis, Batman!" ThorCaptain America, and Robin get photobombed by Lego Dude.

More fans.

It's just not a con until I've done "the Isaac" at least once.
Kids, Google "Love Boat + Isaac" to get the joke.

What's this? The Penguin at Gotham convention center? What bird-brained scheme
does this villain have under his hat? Find out at 
River City Comic Expo

Hey, I know this guy.

Journeyed over to Gusano's for the CW after party. Had pizza, drinks, and
great conversation with pals Ben and Tracy Eller. A fun night.

There's nothing like a fire alarm after midnight in the hotel to wake you right up.
Somebody was smoking in the hallway and set it off. Ugh.
Naturally, the one night I decide to turn in early...

Snapped up a couple books at 50% off cover price at the con. Al Williamson Adventures from Insight Studios Group and The Savage Land trade collecting stories from Marvel Fanfare by Chris Claremont, Michael Golden, Dave Cockrum, Bob MacLeod, Paul Smith, and Terry Austin under a cover by John Buscema. Thanks for a great deal, Ka-Pow! Comics. 

My hotel room for River City Comic Expo was 321. Some guy calling himself "The
Illustrious Potentate" kept calling my room looking for someone named "Noble Lumpkin."
Thought I was at the wrong con for a minute.
Kids, Google Ray Stevens and Shriner's Convention to get the reference.

Monday morning began in Moody, AL. This was the start of the last leg of my trip home fromRiver City Comic ExpoTired, but ready to get home. Lots to do before the day is through.

Monday afternoon. Finally at home. Exhausted. Hungry. No time for a nap though. Have to go help my parents with something. A fun con weekend, but a lot of travel and very little sleep last night.

Thanks for a fun weekend, River City Comic expo!

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