Thursday, June 16, 2016


Writing is such an odd business. This past week, I was offered the chance to write a novel featuring a character I have actively pitched comic book stories with for over the last 30 years. Eventually, I realized it wasn't going to happen and stopped trying. Now, I'm getting a chance to write the character in novel format. I'm so excited. No details as yet, but will share them soon. I may have spilled the beans on a podcast interview I did last night that will be out later this week. Hint! Hint! Nudge! Nudge! Or, if you were at River City Comic Expo last weekend, you may have heard it on a panel.

This is further proof that you should never give up on your dreams. Sometimes things take a while. I'm excited to be working on this character.

Okay, here's another hint that will tell you nothing. The image to the left is a crop from a well-known image featuring this character from many years back.

More news on this soon.


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