Saturday, November 1, 2014


It's been a Domino Lady kind of day.

Look what was waiting for me at the Post Office today! I love it! ‪Copies of my new Domino Lady‬ novel, "Money Shot" arrived today and they look great!

I'm now stocked up for conventions and ready to sell some copies of the new novel? Want one? The novel will be on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and comic shops in a week or two. On sale at right now.

Also, Moonstone's Of Monsters and Men hardcover includes a reprint of Domino Lady vs. Mummy (the comic itself is also on sale) by me, Nancy Holder, Rock Baker, Jeff Austin, E.T. Dollman, and Dan Brereton.

This was my first co-writing gig with Nancy and we have so much fun working together. Good times. ‪

Nancy and I also co-wrote Domino Lady/Sherlock Holmes issue 2 (I didn't work on issue 1 but it's good too). Oh, and you can see Golden Amazon on the cover there too plus she's the back up feature in the new novel. Oh, and I'll be writing here again very soon.

Aw, take a look at the author and his baby. The Domino Lady has arrived.

Oh, and I just signed the first copy of Domino Lady "Money Shot" for someone. This feeling never gets old and I don't take it for granted. I get a chill each and every time I get asked to sign something. It's a nice perk of the job.

Oh, and since I'm talking about the new Domino Lady novel, scroll down for all the details on this new novel. I hope you'll check it out and I look forward to reading your reviews.


A Novel by Bobby Nash

Politics make strange bedfellows. A deadly ménage-a-trois of power, politics and money, threatens to bring 1930’s Hollywood to its knees. An assassin is hired to kill an idealistic young DA running for governor, who happens to be Domino Lady’s lover. A morally bankrupt movie star-turned ambitious politician, with mob ties and a temper, takes both of them on. Can Domino Lady keep her candidate safe or will she learn the hard way that politics can be murder…and moreover, can pulp’s #1 sultry temptress survive the money shot?

This story picks up on a few threads I started in Target: Domino Lady, a story that appeared in the Domino Lady: Sex As A Weapon anthology, which is also still on sale (shameless plug)

Plus a bonus GOLDEN AMAZON -warrior woman- novella by Howard Hopkins!

Moonstone Books presents Domino Lady “Money Shot” a novel by author Bobby Nash. Under an amazing cover art by Douglas Klauba, the Domino Lady “Money Shot” novel is edited by New York Times Bestselling Author Nancy Holder, herself no stranger to the character, having written several stories with pulp’s #1 sultry temptress. Also included as a special bonus is a Golden Amazon novella by author Howard Hopkins.

Authors: Bobby Nash, Howard Hopkins
Cover Artist: Douglas Klauba
ISBN: 978-1-936814-83-(51195)1
ISBN: 978-1-936814-84-8(51195)
6” x 9”
Retail Price: $11.95

DOMINO LADY: “MONEY SHOT” can be purchased at the following:
Moonstone Direct (paperback)
Amazon (paperback) coming soon
Barnes and Noble (paperback) coming soon
Book Depository (paperback) coming soon
Amazon UK (paperback) coming soon
Amazon CA (paperback) coming soon
Midtown Comics (paperback) coming soon
Mile High Comics (paperback) coming soon
DCBS: Discount Comic Book Service (paperback) coming soon
Indigo (paperback) coming soon
Tower Books (paperback) coming soon
Oxford Book Shop (paperback) coming soon
Comixology (ebook) coming soon
And more.

Coming soon to comic shops, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and everywhere your favorite books are sold.
Get yours today!

Coming Soon: Domino Lady: Threesome.

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