Sunday, March 2, 2014


It has been a rather productive day on the writing front. It is always cool when that happens.

I've almost reached the end of the Ghost Gal novel, which has been fun to write and I look forward to getting in front of readers soon. We're planning this one as a series for Raven's Head Press so I look forward to telling more Ghost Gal stories in the near future.

I also started some preliminary work on the At The Earth's Core script tonight as well. I've now received all of the art (it's gorgeous, by the way) and am re-reading the original Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel to reacquaint myself with the world and characters. I want this to be as close to the source material as I can get it. This one will be published by Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse Comics.

But now it's time to push away from the desk and give my aching back a break.

I taped the '66 Batman movie on MeTV earlier tonight so I think I'll watch it before calling it a night.
I'm surprised that I don't own this one on DVD. Maybe I can correct that oversight when the new series DVD release of the TV series comes out soon.

While I've got you here, don't forget to vote in the 2014 New Pulp Awards. I, and a few books I contributed to, are nominated and we would love your vote. You can learn more about the awards and get the official ballot here, here, or here.

I'm working on some new site updates for this week too. I still have to share photos from my last two convention appearances and there's a new Sometimes I Get Asked Stuff... Q&A column coming as well. Plus, I'm sure I'll think of some other cool things to post as well. It's certainly a busy time for me and I am so glad you're here to share it with me.

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I hope you're having a great weekend.
Let's chat again tomorrow.


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