Tuesday, December 11, 2012


If only it were this easy, Snoopy. If only...

Not Actual Cover
Today has definitely been a full one. I wrote darn near 4,000 words today, something I wish I could do every day, believe me. Deadlines are indeed great motivators. I finished the Domino Lady novel then went over it for a self-editing pass and a polish before sending it off to my waiting, and ever-patient publisher.

I also recorded the next episode of the Earth Station Who podcast with Mike Faber and Mike Gordon since our pal, Phantom Troublemaker is a bit under the weather and couldn’t join us. We interviewed Scott Tipton and J. K. Woodward, two of the creators behind IDW’s Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who comic book crossover. We also had a chat with The Forgotten Doctor from the fan series of the same name. A fun time. Look for the latest eisodes of Earth Station One and Earth Station Who later this week.

I also did the writing-related updates to websites, social media updates, some posting at All Pulp, and took some phone calls.

Not Actual Cover

Like I said, a full and productive day.

I think I’ll take the rest of the night off (he says at 11:30 p.m.). Tomorrow I get back to work on a shorter piece that’s languished on my To-Do List for too long before getting back to work on Evil Intent. Maybe I can do another 4,000 word day tomorrow. That would be cool.

Sweet dreams.


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