Monday, February 6, 2012

A little fun with Photoshop...

I needed to come up with a quick ad for something yesterday after getting home from the convention so I put this together pretty fast. I think it works and am pretty happy with it. I may redo it with larger covers so I only use each once though.

And here it is without the covers. I can add new content as needed. I also think it works blank to symboloize the blank page writers stare at before they start writing.

After seeing these, my friend, Jeff Allen, did this parody of the ad. It made me laugh so I had to share it.
Thanks, Jeff.



Mark said...

Really clever and well done Bobby! I like the cover version and the blank slate, it's like an after and before set up.

BobbyNash said...

Thanks, Mark. It's amazing how sometimes the most simple things work the best.

I had a fairly elaborate idea, but because I was at a convention and on deadlines I just didn't get to spend as much time on it as I'd planned. This idea hit me and I was able to whip this up in just a matter of minutes.

Thankfully, I already the the covers in this format as that's my Twitter background.

Recycling is my friend. :)