Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Radio Archives Opens New On-Line Pulp Book Store.

Check out the new Pulp Book Store. There's a few of Bobby's books there and more to be added soon.
A great place to shop for Christmas gifts.

Visit them at

About the Pulp Book Store:

Action. Adventure. Suspense. Drama. Westerns. Heroes. Horror. Science Fiction. Fantasy. And more. If you're looking for any or all of these things in the stories that thrill and chill you, then welcome to the Pulp Book Store.
Pulp Fiction, a form of entertainment that is fast paced, action packed, and full of fantastical ideas, over the top characters, and imaginative adventures, has been popular as long as it has existed and continues to excite readers today. Pulp can be about cowboys, aliens, ancient gods, two-fisted detectives, bigger than life gangsters and so many other sorts of characters as it reaches into nearly every genre imaginable.
If you're interested in Pulp Classics, then the Pulp Book Store features the best in Pulp Reprint Publishers. Ride along with the well remembered classic Pulp heroes as they fight wrong and make right! Or, if your interest leans more toward more obscure characters, you'll find those too in some of the great replicas and reprints produced by leading publishers in the Pulp world, all right here at The Pulp Book Store!
Looking for something new? Pulpy tales written by modern writers and using either original characters or simply new stories about existing characters, are growing in popularity. Pulp icons blaze new trails in original adventures and a pantheon of modern original heroes step front and center to keep up the good fight. New tales in a classic style keep Pulp Fiction current and alive and can be found here at the Pulp Bookstore!

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