Friday, November 11, 2011

Atlanta Comic Convention Round Up

My table at ACC.
 I had a wonderful time at the Atlanta Comic Convention on Sunday, November 6th. Thanks to all those who came out and picked up copies of my new novel, Deadly Games! I appreciate the support. Also, thanks to the other incredible guests who I always have a wonderful time talking with about all things creative. It was a fun time. It was also great hanging out with the Bloody Olde Englund crew (myself along with Jason Flowers and James Burns) and the Earth Station One podcast crew (myself along with Mike Faber and Mike Gordon).

Finally, a special thanks to Wes and Dave Tillander for allowing me to come out and hawk my books at ACC for going on 16 years now. Wow. This is a fun one day show and if you're in the Atlanta area and can catch one of them it's well worth it.

Visit the Atlanta Comic Convention for updates on their show schedule. The next show is, I believe, Super Bowl Sunday, which is also usually the biggest crowd each year.


And now the photos. Click on them for a larger view.

Setting up.

The crowd starts to gather.

Apparently I had the shakes when I took this one. :)

Me setting up my table. Photo courtesy of James Burns.

Walking Dead Zombies Robbie Sammons and Rodney Hall.

Cool Comic Creators James Burns and Greg Carter.

Jason Flowers, Nikki Nolte, and Charisma Flowers.

The Fan-tiki-tastic Mike Gordon and Peter Cutler.

Urbnpop uber-artist Chris Hamer.

Jess Merriman promoting 2012's Momocon.

Carlton and Lee.

Terry Maltos and his daughter.

Oz shows off Good Guys Comics etched glassware.

Our resident Think Weasel, Nick Mizgala

The Mini Komix booth.

Me at my table. I don't recall who took the photo. Darn CRS.

The Earth Station One Crew talkin' show business.
Photo courtesy of Jason Flowers.

This was my idea of a "candid shot." What a ham.
Photo courtesy of James Burns.
What a wonderful time. Looking forward to the next Atlanta Comic Convention in 2012.

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