Monday, June 18, 2018


28 years ago. WOW. That was the longest summer between seasons and still one of my favorite cliffhangers ever. "Mr. Worf... fire." Still gives me chills. As a writer, I learned a lot from this episode. Michael Piller poured a lot of story into part 1's 45 minute run time.


Repost trekmovie: #OTD 1990: #StarTrek #TNG Season 3 ends with one of the best cliffhangers in TV history, "The Best of Both Worlds" Part I. #ResistanceIsFutile #LongestSummerEver

The one big problem I have with the second episode of this two-parter. It's this exchange:

RIKER: Lieutenant Worf, everyone in this room shares my respect for your service to this ship. But right now, I need your experience at tactical. Commander Data, I realise your very nature omits ambition. Nevertheless, I want you to know I seriously considered you first officer. 

DATA: Thank you, sir. 

RIKER: But this is not the time for change. I need you all where you are, where Captain Picard always relied on you. I have been, reluctantly, forced to conclude that Commander Shelby, our expert on the Borg, is an ideal choice at this time for first officer.

Not the time for change? I can't imagine a better time to move people into new jobs. Picard already knows what they can do where they are now. Moving them around circumvents a big piece of Locutus' knowledge of the enemy.

That part always bugged me a bit.

Otherwise, this is an outstanding two-parter. If you haven't seen it, it's great. It also makes for a good double feature when paired with the Star Trek First Contact movie.

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