Monday, March 19, 2018


In the office.
Today, I ran some errands so now I'm settling in to work. Lots to do. Tax docs pulled together, shave, tackling correspondence from the weekend, setting up a plan to sell ebooks at the cons, writing and posting wrap ups for my two events over the weekend, do laundry, and there was something else... what was it again? Oh, yeah. I need to write some stuff too. #writerproblems right? Or,as my buddy, Mike likes to say, #prolificproblems  #amwriting

I'm working on some marketing ideas. The Bobby's Big Box O' Books promotion worked pretty well around the holidays so I thought I would try it again. I finally settled on promoting the titles as Beach Reads as Spring Break is upon us. I like the idea, although, ideally, I should have started promoting it before spring break. It's all about timing. I'm already looking ahead for future marketing ideas and promotions to push the books.

I'd love to hear from you. What marketing ideas work for you or on you? Do sales and promotional deals make you want to read an unfamiliar author?

Marketing and promotion is such a heavy part of the writing job that no one told me about beforehand. I spend almost as much time trying to sell books as I do writing them. :)

Here's the copy that goes with the image above for the new promotion campaign:
Looking for the perfect beach read for Spring Break? Look no further than BOBBY'S BIG BOX O' BEACH BOOKS! For a measly $50 (plus $5 shipping and handling), you get 7 autographed paperbacks (normally a $72 value on its own), a signed Starship Farragut DVD, and a custom piece of art by Bobby Nash. What a great deal for only $50! ( plus $5 shipping and handling domestic - international shipping unfortunately costs more). GET YOURS BEFORE YOU HEAD TO THE BEACH!

What do you think?


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