Monday, March 12, 2018


Last night, I turned in the final manuscript for a super-hero novel last night featuring AC Comics' Nightveil for Pro Se Productions. There's still some edits to do, but the plan is for a May release. I'll post more information when I have it.

Nightveil is one of those bucket list characters. I fell in love with the character in the late 80's when I picked up a run of the AC Comics title. Since then, I've made a few attempts to submit Nightveil stories that didn't pass muster. Getting to write her now is something of a dream come true. I just hope I do the character justice.

The above is not the actual cover. Just a placeholder I put together for my website. I'm glad to finally be finished with this novel. It was the novel I was neck deep into when my Mom passed and the work stopped cold. I had trouble

getting back to work after that because my heart simply wasn't in it. Thankfully, with a little prodding from the publisher and a deadline, I was able to do some of the best writing this past week I've done in a long time.

Now, the trick is to keep that momentum going. I started back on Snow Trapped last night and am also working on it today. My backlog of deadlines is still pretty large, but with some long days and a little luck, I can hopefully get caught up soon.

More to come.


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