Tuesday, February 14, 2017


A big THANK YOU to History buff, reader, person with name, etc. for the 5 Star Amazon Review for the SHERLOCK HOLMES/DOMINO LADY collection. Your kind words are most appreciated. 

"Bobby Nash hits another home run! What an awesome comic! Bobby Nash completely delivers yet again with film-noire style comic book gold bringing together the Domino Lady with his own faithful adaptation of the classic Sherlock Holmes. If you like Victorian literature, old school film-noire, or comic book action-adventure, you will like this book. I highly recommend it."

Reviews are the lifeblood of authors. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a review and I'm glad you enjoyed SHERLOCK HOLMES/DOMINO LADY. I had a lot of fun working on this one. I've been a long time fan of Sherlock Holmes. It was a fun treat to write the Great Detective in a couple of stories.


Click Read More... to learn more about SHERLOCK HOLMES/DOMINO LADY.
Published by Moonstone Books

This new trade paperback collection contains a brand new Domino Lady comic story, a brand new Holmes/Domino illustrated prose story by Bobby Nash, a Holmes/Domino Lady prose story by Nancy Holder with NEW illustrations, reprints Sherlock Holmes/Domino Lady issues#1 and 2,
and The Holmes Holiday Special story!

Written by Bobby Nash and Nancy Holder
Art by Reno Maniquis, Nick Diaz, and Mike Fyles.
Cover price: $14.95

SHERLOCK HOLMES/DOMINO LADY COLLECTION is available in your favorite comic shops and bookstores or you can order a copy from the following:
Moonstone Books (paperback)
Comixology (paperback)
Amazon (paperback)
Amazon UK (paperback)
Barnes and Noble (paperback)
Books-A-Million (paperback)
Forbidden Planet (paperback)
MyComicShop.Com (paperback)
Book Depository (paperback)
Things From Another World (paperback)
And wherever your favorite books are sold!

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