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Valhalla Books' The Blood Runs Deep anthology has its first review. You can read it here-->

I have a story in this volume titled Night of the Creavers."

I hope you'll check it out.


The Blood Runs Deep
A horror anthology

Darkness surrounds you as you walk swiftly through the glade. A blur flashes before your eyes as a foul stench fills your nostrils. Your heart races as you pick up your pace trying to get home.

The clouds part, revealing the full moon. You see a young woman standing near an old oak tree covered in Spanish moss.

She waves you toward her and you feel compelled to obey. Your fear subsides as an eerie calmness embalms you.

She smiles as you approach. She brushes your hair aside and kisses your forehead.

The last thing you see is the pale moonlight reflecting from her fangs!

Creatures from the night stalk their prey in Valhalla Books The Blood Runs Deep vampire horror anthology.

Our authors include bestselling and award winners: Dacre Stoker, Jonathan Maberry, Elisabeth Allen, Susanne Allen, Kim Marie Farris, Ron Fortier, Teel James Glenn, Thomas Houston, Retta Bodhaine, Adam Messer, Bobby Nash, Candace Nola, Jaime Ramos, Christopher Soucy, Paige Steadman, Winfield Strock III, and Josh Vasquez. Cover by Plasmafire Graphics' Jeffrey Hayes.

The Blood Runs Deep is available at the follow retailers:
Amazon US (paperback)
Amazon UK (paperback)
Amazon CA (paperback)
Amazon US (ebook)
Amazon CA (ebook)
Amazon UK (ebook)
More to follow.

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