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Check out the kind words about my story, "Revenge of the Sea Witch" from Bold Venture Press' Zorro: Swordplay and Romance on Instagram.

I just finished reading a great story "Revenge Of The Sea Witch" from Bold Venture Press book: "Zorro: Swordplay and Romance", and am very impressed by it A story that draws you in from the first pages, extremely atmospheric, just like this illustration on the first page.

It's a remarkable story of affection between a man and a woman, true warriors, who have a lot and a little in common at the same time. It's so unpredctible and I love it!! I also like and admire how wise the historical background was woven into the events by the author/authors of this book. I was really drawn in and hope that a sequel will be written someday. Coz I want to know what will happen next with Sea Witch and Zorro. Is their affection will surivive once again and is it possible that they can find a common path in the future? Is there any chance that we will find out Dear @bobbynashwrites ?? Congratulations for this story. And in the meantime, I can't wait to read more stories from this book, which I highly recommend. Really a lot of excitement for a fan.
Read the full review at Johnny's World HERE.

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A pulpy/adventure anthology

Johnston McCulley’s swashbuckling adventurer returns in Zorro: Swordplay and Romance, an all-new book featuring 15 new stories starring the Curse of Capistrano. I am thrilled to be part of this release. Zorro: Swordplay and Romance includes my story, “Revenge of the Sea Witch” as well as artwork I created for one of the other stories.

Zorro, a masked rogue, gave the citizens of Spanish California the courage to resist tyranny! He fought with a flashing sword — and a dashing smile. The tyrants referred to him as a ‘bandit,’ but everyone knew Zorro only stole the hearts of admiring señoritas — and one beautiful tavern-owner in particular.

These new short stories, starring the famous character created by Johnston McCulley, emphasize the wily Fox's romantic side, as he charms — and slashes — his way through 15 new adventures!

Zorro: Swordplay and Romance
 is available at the following retailers:
Bold Venture Press direct (paperback/hardcover/dust jacket)
Amazon US (paperback) 
Amazon CA (paperback)
Amazon UK (paperback)
Available at Amazon worldwide.

Stories by Jan Zbiciński, Linda Binder, Patricia Crumpler, Bobby Nash, Dr. Richard A. Olson, Michael A. Wexler, John L. French, Katrin Micka, Heather Anderson, Daryl McCullough, Susan Kite, Eric Esquivel, Francisco Silva, Tekla Cichocka, and Teel James Glenn.

Illustrations by Michael Grassia, Perego, Anibal Arroyo, Rob Davis, Michael Wexler, Jeff Austin, Heather Anderson, Nestor Taylor, Álvaro André Neves, Ramón Casares, and Bobby Nash.

Introductions by John G. Hertzler, Ramón Casares, and Jan Zbiciński.

Cover by Perego.
Editor: Audrey Parente.
Book design by Rich Harvey.
Published by Bold Venture Press.

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