Sunday, June 2, 2024


Repost Daryl McCullough:

It's no Snow Job. Bobby Nash rides again. He thrilled readers with his first-ever Zorro story, "Fox Hunt", in ZORRO'S EXPLOITS. Now Bobby's back with an encore presentation. Bobby draws on his love of Zorro films, television series, and comics as he weaves the riveting new tale "Revenge of the Sea Witch" for the Bold Venture Press anthology ZORRO SWORDPLAY AND ROMANCEZORRO SWORDPLAY AND ROMANCE.

Bobby Nash is a multi-award-winning author accustomed to writing adventures for legendary pop-culture characters such as The Lone Ranger, Green Hornet, Domino Lady, Kolchak the Night Stalker, The Avenger, The Spider, Secret Agent X, and more.

In addition to writing stories of pop-culture icons, Bobby has created his original characters in a series of novels: Abraham Snow, Lance Star: Sky Ranger, Sheriff Tom Myers, FBI Agent Harold Palmer, Detective John Bartlett, Detective Catherine Jackson, the citizens of Dante, AZ. Hunter Houston: Horror Hunter, & more.

Bobby Nash's impressive resume leaves no doubt that Zorro is in good hands. Be sure to catch his latest entry into the Zorro legend in... ZORRO SWORDPLAY AND ROMANCE available HEREHERE. Soon to be available from Amazon as well.

*The Zorro project is licensed and copyrighted by Zorro Productions Incorporated. The books bear the Zorro trademark.

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