Friday, June 21, 2024


A new project I'm involved in was officially announced today.


Cabbit Crossing Publishing is thrilled to announce the release of our third anthology in The Crossing Genres Anthology Collection: Fairy Tales, Folklore, and Fables Reimagined!
This anthology features a bewitching mix of beloved authors from our previous collections and fresh, new voices that are sure to enchant you!
• A Baby’s Love by Michael La Ronn
• By the Shortest Way by Victoria Scott
• Coco Bronze and the Seven Martians
• Dabria’s Shadows by Demi Michelle Schwartz
• Dave Miller’s Flip Flops of Destiny by Katharine Dow
• Fairly Dead by Sophia DeSensi
• In the Heart of the Forest by Jeannie Rivera
• Real Boy by Bobby Nash
• Sirens of the Nebula by Colten Fisher
• The Girl Who Grew Up by Michael Joseph Tharnish Roby
• The Piper of DragonCon by J.C. Mastro
• The Tao of Feeblecorn by Paul Goat Allen
• The Traveling Menagerie of Anneliese van Benson by Kevin Plybon
• Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Jaguar by Marx Pyle
• What’s Good for the Goose… by Sean Gibson
But wait, there's more! We received so many fantastic stories that we couldn't fit them all into one volume. That's why we're offering even more amazing tales as part of our early stretch goals. Unlock these goals, and we'll expand this collection into two anthologies!
Stretch Goal Stories:
• Bats & Bolts by Madison McKeever - We're excited to welcome Madison, a new author to our community, with a unique spin on Frankenstein and Dracula.
• Howled Falsehoods by Mariana Saric - Discover Mariana's captivating werewolf tale, marking her debut in our anthology.
• Peach Samurai by Amber Morant - Dive into this dungeonpunk and fantasy author's delightful Sci-Fi/Fantasy take on a lesser known fairy tale.
• The Changing Tree by Katharine Dow - Enjoy another excellent story from Katharine, who puts an original sci-fi spin on folklore.
• The Only Home I’m Welcome To by Michael La Ronn - Michael contributes another excellent story for the collection about changelings.
• The Otter and The Dog by Francis Fernandez - Delight in this unforgettable fable from Francis Fernandez.
• The Power of the Wild by Melissa Olthoff & Marisa Wolf - Maris Wolf is back and this time with an awesome co-author, Melissa, for an unforgettable story.
• The Quiet One by Francis Fernandez - What's better than one story from Francis? How about two! We can’t wait for you to read this myth of gods and love.
• The Red Death Returns by Jeremiah Dylan Cook - Jeremiah is back with a fantastic Poe-inspired story.
And that's not all! We have even more fun stretch goals lined up, so there are plenty of surprises in store with this new Kickstarter.
Mark your calendars for the launch in July! Stay tuned for the official launch date announcement coming soon.

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