Saturday, November 18, 2023


I'm spending the day in the writing office with an old friend. The Domino Lady and I are on the case again, trying to solve a mystery while dealing with an old enemy out for revenge. Fun stuff. I always enjoy writing this character for Moonstone Books. This particular story should be out sometime next year along with others already in the pipeline.

The accompanying piece of art is by John K. Snyder III. It was used on the cover of another DL story I wrote, but it's so pretty, I wanted to share it again. He's great.


UPDATE: That's enough for today, I think. Keeping up with Domino Lady is exhausting. She's non-stop energy. I am not. :) Here's a non-spoilery tease from today's writing. Note: this has not gone through editing yet. Enjoy. #DominoLady 

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