Tuesday, March 7, 2023


Super thrilled to see copies of DANTE'S TENTH & DANTE'S SHOWDOWN in the mailbox today. Written by Bobby Nash. Published by Valhalla Books. Covers by Jeffrey Hayes. Kickstarter backer packages will ship tomorrow.

You can find both books in ebook and paperback HERE.

Welcome to Dante!

Dante, Arizona is not your average mining town.

Many dreamers have come to this barren speck of desert to strike it rich. Gold, silver, and other valuable minerals are there for the taking if you’re brave enough to pay the price, this wealth, power, and influence. Dante turned peasants into millionaires overnight.

Some suggest that these men sold their souls for the find of a lifetime. Did Dante’s founders make a deal with the devil? If so, what was it? More importantly, what will it cost the town? Nothing happens for free. Every deal has its price and there are still deals to be made.

This brings new blood to town as well as old blood. When a young reporter’s assistant becomes enamored of the daughter of a new arrival, he learns the terrifying truth behind the town. A deal was made.

And payday is coming.

Dante’s long nightmare begins here.

Dante’s Tenth (Book 1) and Dante’s Showdown (Book 2) are now available at the following retailers:
Dante’s Tenth (ebook)
Dante’s Tenth (paperback)
Dante’s Showdown (ebook)
Dante’s Showdown (paperback)
Check out Dante’s landing page HERE.

Learn more about Bobby Nash HERE.
Learn more about Valhalla Books HERE.
Learn more about Plasmafire Graphics HERE.

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