Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Sorry for the short notice. This one sprung on me today.
Tonight, watch me make a fool of myself on Go Indie Now presents Indie Mayhem Season 1 Episode 8 "The One With The Trash Talking" tonight at 8pm EST. https://youtu.be/ugfat3_ePZI

This fun Indie Game Show is hosted & produced by Ron L Lahr and RJ Burchett. This epic chess match of wits and wisdom sees 2 more falls in the name of strategy. See who this week will navigate the board and take their place for the right to call themselves, "Winner".
This week's contestants are Indie Artists Alexander Gideon (Author of Books of The Law Series), Jamie Davis (Author of the Extreme Medical Services Series), and Bobby Nash (Author of the Tom Myers' Mysteries) . See who wins and then stay tuned after the show for TALKING INDIE MAYHEM our Live After Show with host Madilynn Dale. who will talk with some of the contestants and also host Ron L. Lahr take your questions and feedback.

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